Guten Tag! -- A Part of PCSing.

Good day everyone! How are you all doing? Is it summer there yet? I sure feels like beautiful summer here in Germany! The sun shines frequently, and I have been wearing tank tops!

This week was very full! The first three days, Monday-Wednesday, were spend with the husband in a classroom setting (which was nice). It was for Hub's mandatory "Headstart" class (where they teach you things about the country you're in. Teach you a little bit of the language, and show you some cool things). It was great! We learned a bit of German and about how everything works around here.

Thursday we got our household goods! I showed a picture the other day... But I thought I would share more :)

So... Being a Military Spouse basically means... You move, often! You all were with me when I packed up my only two suitcases and headed for Korea... Heading over there, I didn't have anything. I had a suitcase full of clothes, and a smaller suitcase full of crafty supplies. That's it. And that was fine. But being with my husband for the first time since we were married and getting to actually live with him... you could say we accumulated some stuff!

Anyway, what happens... (if you have never PCS'd before) is that some movers (mine were Korean) come into your house... And in a flurry they pack up all your junk! Simple! It was great, and only took a half an hour... We didn't have much though. Ha.

Though we did not get any furniture while we were there (too bad we didn't... But we had a furnished apartment), we got all the necessities for living. And there they were, in those 4 boxes (shown below). That's it... That's all the stuff we had together as a couple, for 7 months.

Now, a single guy came over in his moving truck, and brought all of these boxes up the stairs (by himself!) and set it in our living room... We signed some papers and he was on his marry German way...

4 boxes... How on earth are we supposed to fill our giant apartment with only these 4 boxes?! Which was what I was thinking... Until I started to unpack.

It was like Christmas! Oh how I missed using my own things like:

My beautiful green dishes.

My BEAUTIFUL silverware that I just HAD to have!
And we had to wash everything... Just in case.
LOOK!! I found CLETUS! Do you remember that guy?
I've missed my crock pot!! *sigh*

And we did have one casualty...

A cheap frame's glass. Not a big deal at all. This I am not worried about... I can get rid of the glass and use the frame in some sort of crafty project...

To lighten up the casualty... Husband went to the post office, and guess what was there?! MY AWESOME UMBRELLA (that I bought in Korea for like 3,000won (under $3!)! Awesome!
Thanks to my friend Laura for sending it to me from Korea! <3

Friday we went to the festival that's happening here in Ansbach! It was great! I am going to save that, and the trip to Rothenberg for another post though! Thanks for stopping by!

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. so glad there was only one casualty!!! yay now onto the fun stuff!!

  2. Oh my goodness. 4 boxes. After seeing this I am positive... I'm a hoarder! lol Glad you have your things back and most made it unscathed.


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