Up UP and Away.

So right now as you are reading this I am somewhere up in the air on an airplane :). Don't know where, probably over some ocean... 

But anyway... Right now when I am typing this it is 12:31am on Friday. And all I can think about is the flight tomorrow. I am pretty much freaking out!

So now that I feel that I am packed... I am sitting here... waiting for the Hubbers to get home from work and talk me down from this freakishly tall horse that is known as anxiety. Haha.

Other things that I am doing right now to occupy my mind:
  • Hanging out at TallyScrapper (my old crafty message board stomping grounds)
  • Checking Facebook about every .23 seconds. 
  • Checking in with some crafty blogs
  • And freaking out.
You know, it sucks being so good at multitasking because there is like no way to turn off my brain. I can do a million things at once and still have my head going a million miles an hour about whatever is bothering me. Lame.  

I hope I get to see something like this:
I will have my camera, so maybe I will get to even take a picture of something like that!

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  1. That is a really pretty picture! Did you get to take any cool ones? While I am incredibly intrigued by airplanes, I have never flown, and I don't plan to! They freak me out! lol. Thanks for the comment on my blog, BTW...I'm getting ready to post my 2nd ghostie post! :)

    The Crafty Military Wife


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