So here we are!

Hello everyone, and welcome! :) I don't know if I have really told you about how happy I am about being here in Germany.

Well... I am completely utterly GLEEFUL that we are here in Germany. The countryside is like that of home (which is really nice to see, I had been missing green landscapes in Korea). The weather is like that of Oregon too, haha. Sunny one day, rainy the next! It's lovely. Did I tell you that I got sunburned within the first week I was here? It was amazing. :) I love the sun. This summer is going to be seriously astonishing. I cannot wait to travel (Husband is working on getting his tourist passport).

Anyway, this last week was kind of busy!

Last weekend we went to the Freilandmuseum. It was really neat. They call it an "open air museum". It was basically a lot of land that had a village on it. So all the buildings were super duper old! (post to come soon about all that!!)

For now, I must show you our apartment!!

So here we are, in our new apartment. :) (This is me, trying to be super happy about it, even though... we don't have a balcony...) I cannot tell you how depressed I was when I found out we HAD to take this apartment. We had no choice in the matter (or else they would take away our TLA, and we would be paying the stupid Franconian Inn our of our OWN pocket, NO THANK YOU!). This was the ONLY two bedroom apartment that was available (and that was clean, the others wouldn't be ready til the end of June).

ANYWAY. Balcony... I had envisioned getting super cute patio furniture, a table and two chairs (preferably brightly colored)... And a small box for a mini flower garden on the balcony. I see myself out there every morning sipping on coffee and watering my babies.


(that was all of my hopes and dreams getting smashed by the way)

So here's the apartment. I will be the first one to say that really IT'S NOT A TERRIBLE APARTMENT... I just doesn't have what I wanted most out of an apartment... (that was a balcony, remember?).
So here is the massive kitchen. It's massive... I don't know what on earth I am going to do in there. I better start cooking up a storm as soon as all of our goods get here! LOL.
You know, I guess it's good that it has a huge kitchen... But I am wondering if people are going to think I am weird for having like... the quarters of the cabinets empty... (I don't have stuff to fill it up with!), by the way, I have TWO lazy Susans in the bottom cupboards... bahha!
The living/dining room... It's decent size I guess... I just cant really picture where everything is suppose to go because the movers (or whoever brings in the loaner furniture) put all the furniture in ridiculous places... And the table and chairs... HUGE for the area... Man. I don't know what I am going to do. LUCKILY... we plan on hitting up Ikea sometime soon...

This is a size FULL mattress... Do they not realize that my husband is 6'3"?! Ugh. AND... It's worse than the beds were in Korea...

The people who put in the loaner furniture put the coffee table in the master bedroom?? -- By the way, this room is HUGE... I was telling husband that we should just make the spare room into our bedroom and use the master as my crafty room! hehe. (Oh and don't mind my suit case that I didn't fold anything in before we left the hotel!)
It's nice that the rooms are huge... I guess?? I don't know, I honestly do not care about the size of the rooms... I just wanted an effing balcony! UGH. Ah well... That and we have NOTHING... And we are only supposed to keep the loaner furniture for 90 days... And return it... I mean, they wont make us go without, so if we don't have something, we can continue to borrow it... But we don't have ANYTHING... *sigh*...

Closets in the spare room... Odd that this closet door had the mirror in it... I think I am going to move it into the master bedroom.

The spare bedroom... The room that we piled everything in when we brought it in. You see that tiny suit case right there? That holds the majority of my crafty stuff!! Haha. Yeah... That was way more important to me than anything else to bring!!

I know that the windows might look odd to you, (that's cause they are, mostly) but it is because they open at the top. When you have the window's handle pointing up it opens from the top about 8 or so inches... When the handle is at the bottom... It opens like a regular swinging window.

The entry way. Is HUGE... Yeah... I really want to put in some sort of bench or something to be able to sit at to take off and put on my shoes.

LAUNDRY ROOM! Which is bigger than a closet (the one I had in Korea could barely fit me in there!). I can't wait to start decorating it with happy things! :)

Bathroom. I love the shower curtain. (we bought that).

His and her sinks... Which is cool... I guess... Husband claimed the right one... I didn't really care which one I got... But I have used both! *Big exaggerated wink*.
So here we are! Clean slate. Germany. New Apartment... Empty apartment...

I am heading over to the Ikea website now... :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Hi, enjoy fixing up your new apartment. Ikea is always good for things, WE LOVE Ikea

  2. Well, it does suck that you don't have a balcony, BUT you have an amazing apartment! Seriously, I'm so jealous of all your space and especially your kitchen. I'd love to have that space and enough storage space to put all our appliances.

    So jealous of your normal sized washer and dryer too! :)

  3. no balcony :( awe so sorry! well i am so glad that you made it and you love it!! so excited to hear stories!

  4. Looks like a great blank canvas to have fun with! Happy shopping/hunting! :D

  5. I dig your place. You actually have a laundry room! I'm so jealous, and two sinks with storage in the bathroom! you're lucky girl! :) Balcony or no Balcony you did pretty good for Germany! haha.
    The Germans are kind of weird about things: like the whole furniture drop. Just kind of where ever fits them at the time. Just roll with it. I really don't know what the culture was like in Korea but you've just gotten a taste for how they roll in Germany. :)
    I'm glad you're settling in though! I can't wait to get back.

  6. Despite being without a balcony, it looks like a pretty decent place! Love all the windows and natural light. Consider decorating the place your latest craft project. :)

  7. How Awesome that is so great that you are loving Germany. Your place looks great.


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