Dropping Him Off...

Was by far one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. It is amazing how much MORE connected you feel to someone after you marry them. I feel like my other half is missing, I no longer feel whole. I am assuming that is how most military women feel when they drop their men off at the airport, or base, or where-ever it is that they leave them... 

There was lots of stress the day before. It was pretty hectic. We were both pretty upset that we were not going to be waking up together the next morning. It was very hard the day before dropping him off. Do any of you other Military Wives have any suggestions of what to do the day before dropping off your men to keep tensions and stress lower? I would really appreciate the suggestions!

Anyhow. Let me tell you, the 11 days that I got to spend with The Hubbers was AMAZING, full of excitement, and just plain awesome! It went by too fast and he is already back in S.Korea. Good news is that hopefully in about a month, I will be joining him. How exciting is that?

People keep asking me "Are you scared?" and all I can think of is... Why on earth would I be scared? I am definitely too excited to be scared about visiting another country. I am going to be living there at least until April. All is to be determined though. But no way am I scared. I am EXCITED. A new country. Getting to know my Hubbers even better, and BEING with him.

Change of subject::: Yesterday I went to the park that the Hubbers and I got married at LAST Sunday, Wildwood park, and I wanted to take pictures. So I grabbed my camera, headed out the door, paid the $5 for parking, and started exploring. About a quarter of the way down the trail... I had to pee. Nothing new for me, unfortunately though, it did mean that I had to hurry slightly faster than I wanted to. I was looking around and man, it just wasn't as great as it was a few weeks before... Too bad. However, I did come across some dragonflies! They were nice and still for me, enough to take the following three pictures!
I think the last one here is my favorite. :) What do you think??

Another change of subject::: I think I am going to stop my "What I Want Wednesdays" and "Makes Me Happy Mondays". My blog, just hasn't been getting the traffic... and I feel like it is pointless. Makes Me Happy Mondays was a pretty good idea though. But I just need more feedback. Hmph. I think I will just stick to personal blogging for a little while. Although, I did find a little meme for Military Wives, but some of the questions, I just feel that I don't know because I have been a Military Wife for... a week!? ahha. :) We'll see.

Other than that... I have seen those 30 day memes floating around a bit, I am thinking about starting one up! Maybe it will help pass the time until I get to go to S.Korea to be with the Hubbers.


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  1. The 30 day challenge is...interesting. I'm on day 13(?) on my blog. Definately is worth the shot!

    Not that long until you leave us and the PNW. :( Beers are a must!


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