Koodge (the dog, obviously... lol) looks terribly excited to be in this photo! Haha, this was taken in December 2012 when we first started Geocaching.

Husband and I met once in Dec. of 2009, and again in March 2010... Soon after we got married in the fall of 2010 (twice, long story... Maybe I will tell you guys about it sometime!). If you would like you can read about how we met, and a little more into our story. :)

Husband is in the US Army, when we met the first time, he was on leave between Basic and AIT. When we met the second time, he was on leave before shipping off to Korea. Husband spent 6 months in Korea before we were finally together again (for longer than a week). In Oct. 2010 I moved from Oregon to South Korea. Six short months after moving to South Korea we received orders for Germany!

Before arriving to Germany we made a 12 day pit stop back at home in Oregon. I met my half brother for the first time. We arrived in Germany in April of 2011. Happy as can be! We immediately started on our adventures, even though we didn't have a vehicle. We bought ourselves some bikes, and took off to explore!

Koodge is our furbaby (which I never say in real life, I just refer to myself as a puppy mom, haha). We got Koodge in June 2011 from some other Army family here in Germany, they didn't want him anymore because he has a pretty bad case of separation anxiety. Even now, after having him for over a year, we still can't get rid of his little puppy anxiety. The old owners had named him Kujo, so we shortened the sound to Koodge, it fits him well. He is a unique dog that deserves a unique name. We are pretty sure they didn't treat him like the puppy prince he is. We're happy to say that even though he still has separation anxiety, he is now fat, happy, and spoiled as sin!

In our short time here in Germany we have managed to travel, Czech Republic, Finland, Paris, Austria, Italy, and Greece (Husband even had the 'pleasure' of traveling to Afghanistan and Romania)! Once I was bitten by the travel bug (moving to South Korea) I was done for. Traveling is now my goal in life. I want to go anywhere! We hope to see Ireland for sure this year! Sweden and Norway are definitely on my list, and I want to visit my family again in Finland. (I have a bucket list, which includes lots of Starbucks Mugs)...

While 2012 was a great travel year for me, it was a difficult year (you can read the Year in Review Post). Husband and I faced our first separation since Oct. 2010 due to Deployment. Our first deployment. Husband returned early and cured me of the immense loneliness I felt during the time he was gone.

2013 seems promising, every year does, even though it started out with car troubles! We make the best of our life, even though we live far away from family and friends back in Oregon, we love our life. I love our life. I wouldn't change a thing!

That's the obligatory family details, now how about me? I'll cut it short, and get to the points here.

I am a quarter of a century old, and my birthday is on Christmas Eve. It's made me pretty cynical over the years. ;) -- We, husband and I, don't celebrate Christmas. We celebrate my birthday! Usually for the whole month of December. I can do that.

I'm an Atheist. Now, before you condemn me to hell, just know that it's okay for you to believe whatever you want to believe, please give me the same courtesy. My best friend is Mormon, so what does that tell you about my tolerance?

I have 4 tattoos, a pierced lip and tragus, gauged ears, and a bob hair cut. I do what I want.

I went to college for 5 years, but don't have a bachelor's degree from it. I do, however, have my associates, and NEARLY my bachelor's degree. I quit school shortly after husband and I decided to get married. I am almost positive I'll ever go back.

I have an iPhone5 and I don't care if you have an Android and think it's a million times better. I am glad you have a device you love! Let me love mine without ridicule please!

I am ALL for "live and let live" and "looking on the bright side".

It's just who I am.