Wow... 4 days already.

It honestly feels like I blogged yesterday. ah well... I started feeling guilty about it... Let me go back, what did I promise to share with you?? 

Oh right, the Spring Festival and Rothenburg.

Last weekend, Husband and I had so much fun! On Friday night we went to the Fruhlingsfest (There is supposed to be the two little dots above the u in that word... but, how in the heck do you put it in there?!), anyway Fruhlingsfest pretty much means Spring Festival. It happened here in Ansbach.
There was a band. They sang mostly German songs, crazy German songs... But there were some classics in there too!!
Let me tell you, Germans are so funny when they're drunk. We were sitting in front of the stage... As the night went on, as more and more alcohol was being inhaled by all... I started noticing that people were looking pretty tall! And they were! They all started standing on their benches and dancing around! Crazy!! Swaying back and forth and holding their massive beers high in the air!!

Husband and I were not planning on drinking much, but, I did not feel like beer... Husband was nice enough to go buy me a glass of wine. So off he goes, and comes back with a WHOLE BOTTLE...
Wine; How classy people get drunk.
Don't mind the terrible picture...
A WHOLE BOTTLE... Something was lost in translation... Ah well. Let me tell you, it did not go to waste! ;) So after a couple of glasses, I was feeling a bit more adventurous. SO WE had to start standing on our benches too!!
OH yeah.

My husband is so silly!
After a fun night of drinking... lol. The next day we had to get up bright and early for a semi-personal tour through ROTHENBURG!
It's a quaint little town with walls around it! <3 it was GORGEOUS. It's such an old town. With tons of neat buildings to look at! :) 

Everyday between 1100 and 1300 on the hour, the bell chimes and the two windows to the left and right of the clock face open up to reveal a dude on the left, and a dude on the right (mechanical). The dude on the right holds up a GIANT Beer Stein full of over 3 liters of wine. Anyway... the legend says that they have this drinking contest and the village would not be taken over if the guy can drink all of that wine in one sitting. You can read more about it here. (Unfortunately inside the windows was too dark, so I could not get a good picture with the iPhone).

The oldest building in Rothenburg, built in 950...
After exploring some of the fun ally ways... We headed into the Kriminalmuseum, a museum full of punishments that Rothenburg had many, many, years ago... There were stretcher tables, twister tables, painful looking chairs... I won't go into too many details but... It was interesting to say the least...
Husband was a very, very, bad boy... And needed to be punished. (At the entrance of the Kriminalmuseum).
Dunk tank...
While most of the museum was pretty disturbing... There were some very interesting punishments like the masks:
People were made to wear this sort of mask and stand chained in the main part of town to be made fun of when:
Big ears: person heard EVERYTHING about EVERY ONE.
Glasses: Person saw everything EVERYONE did...
Nose: was always in peoples' business
Tongue: Would immediately blab about it!
On the wall of ... the Third floor [I believe], was a bunch of things showing how stuff was handled back then. What caught my eye the most was:
There were a ton of these pieces of [giant] papers... They stated the profession that people were in (not that I could read it, though). This one was my favorite... there were such intricate drawings on them. All of the page was filled. They were all so delicate... (I will share another post of just these, as they are so inspiring).
There were such beautiful sights to see around there. Gorgeous views, immaculately old buildings, castle walls...
There were a TON (AND I MEAN A TON) of knick knacks to buy... There were so many shops. There is even a Christmas store that is open all year 'round!

It was a gorgeous day that day. Husband and I were happy though to finally sit down, relax, and have some beverages at a not-so-crowded bar:
Husband had some of the his favorite beer so far...
And I had some fizzy bubbly water. :) I love getting water in a glass bottle, with a [matching] wine glass to go with it. It makes me feel classy!
Germany is so funny. The drinks, they always match their glasses. If you notice the beer above, the name of it is on the side of the mug. And with my water... You can't see the very bottom of the wine glass, but it read: "Teinacher". on it. SO NEAT!

If you get a chance to come to Germany, I definitely would recommend seeing the sites there in Rothenberg, it is just absolutely gorgeous! [As is ANY part of Germany I have been to!]

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Hi Adrienne! I love your site. I lived in Ansbach for 5 years and came there for our first tour ( we did 2 there!) as a newlywed in my 20s. So hard to believe that it has been almost 18 years! I will be living vicariously through your blog so that I can see all the places that I miss so much! We lived in Bleidorn (I worked at Barton Barracks) and we also had a place in Bocksburg (past the mall in town). We had so many great adventures and I can tell you some awesome places to visit! All the best, Rhonda (

  2. looks like you are having fun!!! You take gorgeous pictures!


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