Feeling inspired...

And I cannot do anything about it!

Lately... I have been feeling like sewing. I have never had a sewing machine but I enjoy hand sewing when my wrist will allow it (if I sew for too long... my wrist hurts for like, a week). Anyway... Quilts.

Quilts are utterly amazing. UTTERLY. Don't you think? I have stumbled upon some amazing inspiring quilts that just make me want to learn how to do it! I think that it would be a great use of my time! I would love to make something USEFUL in every day life, you know?

Don't get me wrong... I do love crafting. I love scrapbooking and all of that... But, something that can be passed down, that I HANDMADE?! I could possibly sell it... you know? I don't know... I think it would be fun.

This is from Flickr, by Flickr User: aliciajoy
I really love the fun bright colors of this quilt and want to make one just like it! *sigh*

I love the simplicity of this quilt. I really love the color gray. It's plain and gorgeous. It especially looks great with bright colors! This quilt is by The Little Red Hen and blogged here.
And I am completely in love with this quilt! Seriously, I love how it has a manly feel to it. The numbers and letters are perfect for this!! :) Made by r0ssie, blogged here.
These are some of my favorite colors. I love the simplicity of this one and it makes me want to go and spend hundreds of dollars... even thousands on all of the supplies... Just so I can quilt. I would really love to do it. The kicker is... [of this quilt]... THIS IS JUST THE BACK! The front is just as stunning if not MORE stunning. *sigh*... Made by Lee over at Freshly Pieced, and blogged here.
Anyway... You can see what I mean about being completely inspired by these USEABLE works of art! I mean, there are so many uses for sewing! And for quilting! Just look at this:
A freaking BOOK COVER! Wouldn't that be cool for you middle school/high school children to carry around their books in??? Seriously. I love this, look at the little umbrella... It makes me want to faint because of the cuteness!! Found on Flickr and Made by Flickr User: rosaechocolat.
So that's what I have been thinking about non-stop lately... Just thought I would fill you in!

If you would like to see more amazing quilts click on the image below! :) There are some really really beautiful ones in there...

What do you think about quilting? Do you have any advice/suggestions for the beginner? I really want to get into it!

ps. We got our household goods from Korea yesterday!! Only one broken item, the glass in a frame. Not a big deal at all... There were no pics in there! haha. I am so happy to have my happy green dishes back!!

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  1. thanks Adrienne!
    thenks for sharing my bookcover :)

  2. dude i SO want to make a quilt
    i can't afford a sewing machine just yet tho!
    how are you? I miss you!


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