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 This is my bestie. She is fantastic. This is her being a goof ball on my wedding day. :) I have known her since I moved up to BFE, in 7th grade. We were inseparable. He parents are like my parents. They have been to all of my big events, my wedding, my college graduation, etc etc.

Misty was so funny in high school. She always wanted to please everyone. Yet, we were still inseparable. I may have peer-pressured her into doing things in high school. Which was probably wrong of me. But, I think I used to be a bully sometimes! haha. Ah well. 

Seriously, where ever I went, Misty was at my side. Wherever she went, I was there. Until senior year. I was dating someone who I was pretty serious about at the time. And she started dating someone I didn't like. I don't know why I didn't like this guy. Jealousy maybe. I probably didn't like the fact that she was spending so much time with someone else. I can admit it, I am a little bit of a jealous person. Just a little ;).

I don't remember too much of the summer after graduating from high school. But we had to do placement testing for college and go to orientation. We had plans of meeting at the college and going to orientation with another 'friend' Brandon. Anyway... She never showed up. It was the weirdest thing ever. And she disappeared. Turns out she ran away (kind of) with her boyfriend and there were traveling across country. She never told anyone. This was the hardest thing I had ever had to deal with in my life. She was my best friend, how could she do this to me?? I was scared. I was scared for her. I tried hard, while she was gone, to get in touch with her again. But I could not hold back my feelings about her boyfriend so things didn't work out.

A couple of years later, I was in a bad place with a boyfriend. I needed a friend. Throughout that whole time she was gone, I never found another female friend that I felt was good enough to be my best friend. Misty was my best friend. I needed to talk with her. I found her on MySpace again, and sent her a message saying that I really wanted to talk to her, and wanted to get to know her again. Thankfully, I got an email back saying that she wanted to do the same! There were some conditions. We both had to apologize for the way that we acted toward each other, among other things. The meeting went really well! We talked for about 4 hours! And it was just like we had never been apart.

Over the last year she and I have been getting closer and closer. We were hanging out off and on for a little while. And not so much while I was living in Down Town Portland. But then I moved back up to BFE around that time was when Misty really needed a friend to talk to. A friend who has been where she is, and a reliable friend, someone who feels like they KNOW her, and she knows them. We got back together, Misty and I, as friends. Finally. After a couple of years of separation, it was still there, we still had it! 

Misty and I, I feel, are closer than ever now. Honestly you wouldn't know that we didn't talk for like... 3 and a half years. You would have no idea. We know each other than any one else knows us. She and I get to hang out about once a week. I love that. I love seeing my best friend as often as I can. And you know, I am going to need it. I think she is the only female that I feel I TRULY love and get along with 100% of the time! 

Misty has changed since high school. But for the better, she is an amazing person.  I am so thankful to have her in my life, again. 

Some wives say that their husband is their best friend. Which could very well be true. However, my husband did not grow up with me. He does not quite yet really know me to the core. He knows me, and he knows me well. But for someone to REALLY know you. They would have to have grown up with you. See and realize and experience the things that you went through, the choices you made, the mistakes you made, and the things that made you grow. Yes, I am sure that Hubbers will one day be one of my best friends. Right now, Hubbers is a form of my best friend. A girl always needs another girl to talk to, to gossip with, and to recall old memories. I love Hubbers more than anything, he will grow into a best friend. But Misty will always hold the title. 

She has always been there for me. Even in those years that we didn't talk, I am sure that if I really needed to, she would have talked to me. Or at least vent to her. She was my Maid of Honor by default. But really, she has shown her friendship to me like none other. Now that she is back in my life, I feel whole again. I felt so lost without her during that time. Now, now is great. Now is where I love. It is perfect. So glad to have her in my life, I don't think I could express how thankful I really am.

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  1. So, I decided to look at your blog finally (i kinda started one too, they're neat! but haven't written anything yet) and I just wanted to say that I love you and am so happy we are friends! Thanks for being my bestest friend!


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