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So I am going to sit here and assume that the title of today "Day 04 - Your definition of loveDay" is definitely a typographical error. Easily made by some people's copying and pasting ...  

Before my Husband and I got married. And, even before we actually started dating we discussed this topic (love) thoroughly. 

When Hubbers told me that he loved me, he wanted to tell me again in writing what it really meant to him. Here are some excerpts: 

"Love to me is a promise, renewed every time those three words are said. Love has many parts but one of the largest is trust. I don't believe you can have love with out first developing trust. "I love you", means I put your needs, wants and desires above my own. Love is a vested interest. It means I care about your well being (physical, mental and emotional). Love means I want to help make your dreams come true! [...] Love to me means that I am thinking about the future... I am thinking about how my actions support a future with you in it. [...] True love means you are willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of one anther." -- The Hubbers

I have one intelligent man. I am so glad that he was able to define how he felt True Love was for him. He did much better than I did. I, of course, mostly just agreed with him and stumbled on the words that I was trying to use to actually define what I felt LOVE was. I am amazed at how well he defined it. I am usually amazed by him. 

You see, when I first REALLY met and got to know Hubbers, I felt drawn to him. The next day all I could think about was him kissing me on the cheek and wondering what he was up to. I wanted to spend every waking moment with this person. It was an incredible experience. When I was with him I was laughing, content, and happy. I felt safe. I wanted to feel this at all the time. We bearly spent any time apart during his leave that March. :)

(ps, yes, I realize this post is over one hour late. But I went out to a move tonight! :) I had a great time. It is good for me to get out every once in a while!)

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