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So since I like to have my posts up in the morning (okay, well I try really hard to do that...) for you all to read. I am going to share with you my day, that was yesterday! Cause it is much... more... better? lol Than today is going to be! 

So man'o'man I feel like I had a really good Sunday. I usually really dislike Sundays. Everything closes early and that is just plain... Lame! 

I had to wake up early as I had to work at like 8:30a and run my butt around a restaurant for few hours! I get up, everything is going fine. I get out of the house, head to my coffee shop and the guy at the window says "Back so soon?". I kind of look at him weird and pretty much don't really understand why he is asking me this! The first thought that popped into my mind was "Isn't it good for your business that I am here daily?" I mean... Right? But instead I just said "From yesterday? Of course I am back so soon, that was YESTERDAY! I need my caffeine fix on a regular basis!" Then I got my coffee. 

I went off to work and pulled into the parking lot. Realized I forgot my apron sitting on the couch where I was putting on my shoes. Crap. I went in, (I would have called but, the restaurant, along with my house, is located in BFE... So no cell service... *hangs head*) and let my coworker know I would be going home to grab it. I am sure she got a kick out of it too. I made it a mini race and made it back home and to work again in 13 minutes... that means 6.5 minutes each way. I would have to say that is pretty damn impressive! 

Work was slow. I decided that I was on the verge of death hungry and ordered breakfast and waited to clock on. Two bites in, the rush hit! It took me a whole hour to actually finish eating my freaking amazing hash browns and eggs. And I still felt starving. I think I used up every bite of food running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Let me tell you, serving breakfast is way harder and stressful than serving lunch or dinner! I would rather make a salad for someone than toast their toast for them! They should install toasters in every table and booth! I hate waiting on the toast! And we only have a 4 slot toaster for the servers to use! That makes it real difficult when orders are going in at the same time!

I got off work at 2p, 9a-2p, 5 hrs, not shabby, not shabby at all! I was supposed to hang out with a friend about 35-45 minutes away from my house after work. And he had to cancel plans... So I went home, fiddle-farted around on the internet for a little while and then decided to book an appointment to get my nails filled. They did a much better job where I went this time, than they did where I went last time!! 

Then I hung out with my friend Lindsay. We wanted to do a little bit of shopping and got into town just before 7p, we hit up Micheal's craft store, and all of a sudden on the overhead speakrs we hear that they are now closed. WTF?? When did things start closing at 7p?! I always thought it was at least 8p on Sundays. Has anyone else run into the same problem?! 

So then I realized I was positively starving! But I really really really wanted to do some shopping. We drove by Borders and practically forced this dude to try the door with our minds. It was closed. Then we drove by Craft Warehouse and it too, was closed. So then we just went out to eat. I had a delicious burrito and conversation with Lindsay. It was pretty fun. 

THEN I had my hopes all up for a movie. We hadn't checked the times or anything for the movies so we drove over to the theater and saw that the movie that we wanted to watch "Easy A" was only playing at 9:45p. Oh man. That was late for my friend since she had to get up early in the morning. So I switched her out for a different friend and took her home! My friend Jaime and I went to watch the movie and it was hilarious! I loved it! After the movie I took my friend home and made the 45 minute trek back to my house!

I stayed up to talk to the hubbers and after I got to talk to him I went to bed. 

Hopefully I didn't get too detailed for you all. But that was my day yesterday. Much more interesting than my day today so far which includes me sleeping in until 12:30p and going to work later! haha.


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