30 Days of Lists - Day 7

30DAYSButtonI thought that this would be a good one to share to my readers! :) Because the challenge for March 7th on 30 Days of Lists is  BLOG GOALS. Really. I have SOME, I promise. And... I hope that you like them!

I really do love Blogging, and I like to think that it is something that keeps me going day-to-day while I am living in another country, without my best friends at my side. I love that it is a way for my friends and family to keep up with me, and I LOVE that I get to meet OTHER awesome bloggers, crafters, photographers, military wives, etc. I love that. I love that it is a circle of people wanting to share information. Now, I really need to get some information out there to you guys of things that I learn in other countries, photography, creating, crafting, and living life. I want to do that. I want to do that for you, and I want to do that for me! It's an awesome give and take circle of life here... And we need to share it with each other! 

Please click on image to enlarge if you want a closer look! :)
-Picture is a little better today, don't you think? Odd...-
I really loved today's prompt, it really got me thinking. What can I do with my blog to gain more readers, engage more readers, and make my readers happy that they read my blog. The last thing I want from you is to feel like when you read my blog that you just wasted 5 minutes of your day! 

Like I said the other day, I really want to blog more about the Military. I also want to blog more about the things I learn of Photography. Though, that will be posted over at my Photography blog, but I hope my readers will go from here to there, religiously! :) 

Do you have any goals for your blog(s)? 
Any suggestions for mine? 
Great ideas or questions you would like me to share/answer? 

You are always free to write me something in the comments here, or email me!


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  1. I really do love this page so much!

    I think the best advice I've ever been given is write a blog you yourself would want to read. I try to stick to that! <3

  2. Aww you're pages make mine look so lame! Haha. I'm posting pics of mine tonight (I hope) Haha.


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