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This week, over at Mrs. Yellow Ribbon, her link up is all about words! Your funny sayings, things like that! :) I have quite a few. You should hear my mom and I speak to each other. Ha! We have our own language, I think that makes us quite close.

Momma Chicken: Obviously, meaning my mother!

She calls me: Chubba, bubba, A, Adrienne, Yo A... Among other things. Haha.


Hubband also calls me Wiffy-woodles sometimes...

I always say the word TURD in place of most things. Or butt. Because they're both funny words
This smells like butt. OR This smells like turd.
I feel like butt. OR I feel like turd.
I am sorry I have been so turdy lately.
I also say "ishta" meaning: That's gross, or a say it when I am disgusted with something. Like someone complains about having to do something lame, I will reply saying "ishta". I also say "oofta" kind of like... groaning when you're really full... or if you're feeling stiff when sitting down. LOL.

My grandpa would tell me this story explaining what oofta and ishta meant in context:
A man is walking along a dirt road and his dentures fall out, you might say "oofta". He picks up his dentures and puts them back in his mouth, you might say "ishta".
I think mostly I use a lot of odd words in place of curse words. I don't really cuss that much... Do you? I mean, I say some things... Like Ass. But I rarely say 'fuck' or anything to that extent. I really feel that there are much more meaningful words that you can use instead of that. Although... when I am really excited or angry about something I will say the F bomb a lot... Or if I am around a bunch of dudes who are cussing. LOL.

I kind of get offended when people are talking to me and they use a ton of curse words. Is that weird? Especially when someone is complaining about something to me, and they cuss very strongly... with passion, you might say... But, it ALWAYS feels to me as if they are cussing AT me, and not TO me. Does that make sense? Is that weird?

I think Mrs. Yellow Ribbon's link up is open for a little bit longer if you want to head on over and join in!! 

 Are you doing 30 Days of Lists? I would love to see it if you are! You know they have a Flickr Group too, right?! It's so nice to go through the group and see all the wonderful lists and inspiration!

Here's mine:

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. I don't curse much anymore either {although you mentioned some situations in which I get a potty mouth too lol} I love seeing all the funky made up words people use :)

  2. Hey I say "oofta" too!! Haha!! I totally get what you mean about the cussing. The guys here at work cuss all the time and it drives me bonkers. I always feel like they are mad at me or something. I don't cuss, unless I'm mad. Then I will curse like a sailor. That's usually Hubby's sign. If the redhead is cussing, run like the wind! Haha

  3. I love your note book that you are making your lists in, did you make it???

    and cigarettes ;( no smoking!!!!

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  4. I love your book SO MUCH! One of my favourites from the entire group.

    (P.S. I didn't have the courage to feature cigarettes in mine - too much judgement. :P Thanks for putting it on yours, I'm not alone!)


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