New Project! And Army Wives!

Earlier today I had the opportunity to work on and catch up with 30 Days of Lists! It was so much fun. I am hoping that it will jump-start me into Art Journaling on a regular basis! I have been seeing so many great art journalning inspirations on Pinterest lately... that it just REALLY gets me inspired! I was so excited that 30 Days of Lists had a Flickr Group too! :) So I hurried and got the first 6 challenges done, and cannot wait to finish up the 30 days! Without further ado... 30 Days of Lists! 

Click on any image below to view it larger, if you wish!
-Sorry about the slightly blurry photos... They aren't like that on my computer... Just when I put them up here on blogger... *sigh*-
Cover -- Well... Not really. I will show you the notebook that I am using tomorrow. I bought it at Borders.
Day 1, A Little About Me! This was fun! I love writing about me! hehehe.
Day 2. This one was kind of hard to do. I sort of felt like I was bragging!
Day 3. My head is in Germany, and my body is stuck here... In South Korea. *sigh*
Day 4. I love listening to music in the shower the best!
Day 5. Unless Hubband and I have adventure plans, we spend the weekend at home. :) Just hanging out.
Day 6. I couldn't think of any words that I really disliked... So... I made it into just a Favorite Words page instead of Least Favorite!

Anyway. I also wanted to talk about the season premier of Army Wives! I just got done watching it, and I really thought it was a pretty good episode. But I must say that there were a couple of things that really bothered me! 

  1. Walking and talking on cell phones. I don't think that they are more relaxed about it in Afghanistan or Iraq than they are in South Korea, or American Posts... So... I almost yelled out "SHIT BAG GET OFF YOUR PHONE! OR STOP WALKING!". 
  2. EVELYN'S BANGS... With the clip... They look dumb! I am just saying...And her hair is all dark dark... I liked it lighter. Haha. 
I am sure there were more things in the episode that weren't really... "Military Reality" but I didn't really look for them. The whole, No Walking on the Grass thing was pretty funny though! Hehehe. I always want to yell "SHIT BAG!" to anyone who walks on the grass. Hubband doesn't even like it when I walk on the grass... I try to avoid that. 

Though, I don't think Army Wives is that bad of a show. I really don't think that it "glorifies" the Army Wife Life or anything. People go through deployments, and it's hard, it's shitty, and life happens. They portray this on the television show pretty well from what I can tell. I have seen all the episodes, and being an Army Wife is not going to stop me from my watching one of my guilty pleasures! hehehe

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Girl, you've got some serious skillz! Your art/list journal is totally awesome!

  2. oh i'm SOOOO doing that blog!

  3. I was watching with my mom and as soon as they showed that guy walking and talking I informed her that it would never happen in real life. Especially since he is so high ranking, he would obviously know better!

    I'm with you on the bangs too! They were terrible and they were like that for the whole show!

    Oh and p.s. you're an amazing crafter! I love all the stuff you made! So cute :]

  4. I totally tweeted about the cell phone thing too! Apparently it's not a no-no in the Navy, says Sespi.

  5. Ha! I just watched the episode and the only thing that stopped me from yelling at my laptop was the fact that my daughter was napping! haha. My hubbster used to tell me ALL the time about guys walking and talking on cell phones and how bad it was/is. I can't believe no one said anything about that.

    I'm a new reader, by the way. Super cute blog!

  6. A few of my friends & I watched it last night. We all blurted out 'cell phones over there? AND WALKING WHILE TALKING?!' It's like.. HELLO. We're all Navy & it's the same rule. I mean.. even here they're sorta strict about ANYONE walking and being on the phone whether you're in uniform or not. Safety maybe? Not sure.. but cell phones?! Who the hell has a cell phone in the sand box? & they can just chat whenever they feel like it?!

  7. looks like you had fun. I love your handwritting and creativity! envy!

  8. I agree about Army Wives. I think it's good, and it shows at least a bit of what we go through. Of course it's not going to be completely's a scripted TV drama.

    And my husband loves yelling about when their hair is not regulation, their uniforms are wrong, or they do dumb things that are completely fake hahaha. I can't watch it with him because he just sits there critiquing it lmao.


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