Sound Off! 1, 2, 3, 4!

So there is a new blog hop going on, and I thought it would be pretty fun to chime in. I am really wanting to work on bringing my blog around to be a little bit more about the military, Army, to be specific. Don't worry, I will still be posting all the things that I love, like: Scrapbooking, photography, and whatever craftiness I can get my hands on. BUT, I want to put more mili into my MilSpouse-ness!

So, Shannon over at Eat, Pray, Love... Live! started a Saturday Sound Off Blog Hop! And today we're sounding off about:

Military Online Dating Sites.


I didn't even know that there were Online Dating Websites specifically geared towards people in the Military and people who want to be with Military People...

I really don't see what the problem is...

If some military dude (or woman) met a chick online, and then they started dating, and then she cheated on him... Then I would say that it was a bad judgment call. And that sort of thing just happens. People are going to do what they're going to do. 

I will say, though, that before I met my wonderful husband... if I knew about this whole... Dating site for military people... then, I totally would have joined one! Ha!

Just sayin'... I'm being honest, upfront, and blunt here. 
Don't bash me.

Why? Because I have always dreamed of dating someone in the military (pathetic, I know).  It is something that I had always wanted to experience. I have so much respect for everyone in the military, and I wanted my life to have something to do with it. Whether it be join in myself, or marry someone in it already. I knew that I would love someone in the military, as some are ingrained with the same morals and values that I personally possess.

I am not saying that I just married my husband because he is in the military, but it was definitely a sexy bonus!

To be even more honest, I wouldn't have been at my Husband's (before we were Hubs and Wiff) Welcome Home BBQ if it weren't for Facebook. 

It is not the venue that creates a bad relationship, it is the people within the relationship. People are people, no matter where they met each other.  Girls cheat on guys, guys cheat on girls whether the couple met each other online, or off.

If you would like to put in your two cents too, head on over to Eat, Pray, Love... Live! and join in on the Sound Off blog hop!

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. I love how you said "it is not the venue that creates a bad relationship, it is the people within the relationship." That is SO true! There is a lot of stigma around meeting people online (military or not) but the reality is, people who meet offline have bad relationships too!! And if you've ever lived in a military town (I grew up in a town very close to Ft Hood) you have certainly seen girls at the mall, bar, or even hanging out on post looking for a soldier to take them home. In my opinion, that's worse than joining a military dating website. I love my husband and I love the life I am blessed to lead as a military spouse. And if I had to go back and do it all over again, I would join a website like that... or just move to a military town. :)

  2. I totally agree with Megan and what you said. My friend met me on Facebook but we're not official since we haven't met face to face before.
    But I've always wanted to date a Military guy in the US because something about them just attracted me from a very young age and I'll be happy if the two of us end up together :D

    If in the event that my friend and I don't workout, I still want a Military guy lol.

    Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing love on my blog! Much appreciated :D

  3. Thanks for joining in! I can appreciate your points and what you had to say even though I feel a little bit differently. My biggest concern is the "targeting" by uneducated girls who think it's sexy to be with a guy in uniform. It goes beyond the uniform so it just made me feel like it gave girls the opportunity to "hunt" a soldier down.

    I also felt that God was leading me to be with someone in uniform. It wasn't something I was desiring per se, but certain things aligned in my life to prepare me for being with my husband long before it even happened. I'd also always had a major respect for our military, thanks to the upbringing of my family.

    This is a hard life. I don't regret it but there is so much people don't realize that goes into marrying someone in uniform. It goes beyond a fantasy.



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