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I just wanted to shoot you all a quick little post! 

Here are my project365 pictures for the last two days! 
My addiction... Reese's... yeah.
 And then today we went up to Seoul, Korea with a friend so that she could visit her husband in the hospital. :)  I got to see this little munchkin!
He farted on me like... 6 times today... His mom said I must just make him feel really relaxed... Ew.
01.22.2011 (WOW, January is almost over!)
Alrighty, how have you guys been on your Project365?!

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I think my favorite picture from this week is... On THIS BLOG POST. :) And it was the picture of the whiskey in a glass with ice. :)


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  1. LOL - cracked up about the farting. They do that, eh?

    I've been doing pretty good with my 365; I know I missed a few days here and there, but somehow I'm not stressed about it, which is weird for me. I'm having a blast. What a great idea!

    My blog: http://www.kimberlygauthier.com/blog

  2. I love the facial expression that you captured! Hilarious!! Great contrast and detail too.

  3. girl your photography is great, i love checking out everyones stuff! I love looking at photos!

  4. Ah, boys and their farts...they definitely start young! :)

  5. Hey there! Visiting from the blog hop. I'm not doing Project 365 but wanted to let you know I'm following. I need to get my hands on an SLR before I do that.


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