How was your Monday?

Hello Hello everyone! How was your weekend?! How is your Monday going? It's Monday evening here in South Korea.

Not too much happened this weekend. It snowed about 2-3 inches last night, and that made it to where the guys had a snow day. So we got to stay home and be cool. Also, we started learning some German. Rosetta Stone is really awesome. We also bought another program Instant Immersion something or other. It doesn't compare. 
What have you used to learn other languages, besides college/high school classes?

Did you find some really cool things to take pictures of for you Project365!? Don't forget to visit the post below to link up with me on your Project365, if you haven't already!
23/365 --- 01.23.2011
I absolutely love this shot. It was gorgeous how the snow made the brick look. :) It makes me happy.

Bokeh snow!! :) 01.23.2011
I know this isn't a fantastic picture... BUT, i really liked how it was all white behind him. I also know that it is blurry. But I just really liked it. He was about to try and put his hand in front of the camera to try and dodge the shot! 01.24.2011
24/365 --- 01.24.2011
I am not sure how I feel about this picture. It was taken kind of secretly. I really like that the sun glare is there encircling the man's head. They were exchanging in (what seemed like) polite "Hello!'s". It was nice.
Today, we walked to Star Kabab. They serve Gyros and a few other things there. It is one of our favorite places to eat here in South Korea. It was also pretty nice to get out of the house today, even if I didn't shower until... 2:30 in the afternoon! Ha!

So what did you do over this last weekend?

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  1. wow Adrienne really great photos!!!!

  2. You could totally use that first photo as a new header or button! It looks so perfect with your name "on" the wall!

  3. This Monday morning out here in California it's foggy but we're supposed to see the sun soon.
    Good luck on learning the German language! In addition to the community found from attending a class, Rosetta Stone is a great way to get immersed in German
    I found Rosetta Stone through a college on the Web where it's $48 for three months including access to all the levels and all languages (including German with all the advanced levels - it's at ).
    I think the trick is to work with it until it really gets you "thinking" in German instead of always mentally translating from English to the German equivalent of each word and sentence.

  4. are out in the open photos frowned upon in S.Korea? I think that last shot is amazing with the sun flare.. beautiful shots!

  5. Yay for snow!! Love the first picture!!


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