I Think... Sometimes We Forget...

Sometimes we forget that, being happy is a choice. Sometimes the bad times do take over and we become depressed and sad, all. the. time. I know, I've been there. I have been through depression, clinically. The pills didn't work, exercise didn't work, LOTS of things DIDN'T work... BUT a new outlook on life DID.

I am not saying it's easy. It definitely has taken some time to fill my head with puppy dogs, green grass, and purdy rainbows. And I still work on it everyday! To me, there is a bright side to everything, I KNOW that it could be worse. It was MY CHOICE to stop playing the victim and buck-up! :)

So all I am saying, is today, I am sharing with you things about Life for We Heart It Wednesday. So...

All images courtesy  WeHeartIt

 So I love we heart it wednesdays. Seriously. I look forward to them every week. Click on the image to the left there, and head on over to BrieMarie's blog to see what all the fuss is about!! 

On another note...
Project365 is still going great for me, how about you?? I only had two people link up with me for this last week.
Got my  nails did! 01.16.2011
Last night husband and I went out to eat at one of our favorite Korean Restaurants, Suji's. It was delish.
She slaps raw meat onto the grill thing in the middle of your table, and cooks it right before your eyes! :) Served with rice, kimchi, and lettuce. LOL

And today :) 01.18.2011
This weekend was a complete bust. Except for Friday. LOL. We had a 4 day weekend, and hubs and I did nothing. We had plans to do stuff... But it just didn't happen. Today hubs was supposed to have a "Man Day" lol. But no "men" came. So since the plans I had today didn't happen, I put on my best "Man Date" attire, and poured myself the above glass of whiskey. I couldn't drink it like that... kindly handed it over to the hubby. :) haha.

I know this is a super long post, BUT, the other day, I was bored... And so I made my bloggy BFF a header for her blog. Check out The Evolution of Peacocks and come back to let me know what you think (and leave her some love too)!!


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  1. Aw you are a good wife :) "man" attire lol.

  2. Absolutely love this post in it's entirety. And the header was fantastic!


  3. Your nails are AWESOME! Love them!

  4. Definitely agree with this post. Happiness is active, sometimes you can't just BE happy, sometimes you have to work in spite of everything else to keep yourself happy.

  5. I love the quote about an unlived life. TRUTH. Although, I admit that the first image makes me feel... guilty. There are lots of places I want to SEE in the world, but I want to move home so badly. I hate this whole military moving us around thing. If it were just me and hubbs, sure. But I feel so much guilt about our families being back home and our daughters being raised without them. :(

  6. I love that shot of the drink! Great work. I love your blog, very cool.

  7. I love We Heart Wednesdays. It's a unique way of expressing yourself and I love your collage of life and living. Speaks truth. And final note: I love Korean food, but it's never complete without Kimchi! ♥

  8. i really needed to see some of those 'in the moment right now' photos linked above. I lost my mom 6 weeks ago unexpectedly, and the shock of it still smacks me in the face some days. I've had to work really hard to pull out of the downward spiral heading into depression. More than you wanted to know probably, but I wanted to thank you. ♥

  9. yay! so hAppY to [read] that you conQuEred that depression thingie! Good for you. i'M kinDa like yOu were before... down 'cause, man it's tough here. ugh


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