I feel... Co.0l

Nothing too terribly cool happened in the last....
HOLY TURD I already completely forgot the most coolest thing that has happened!!

Husband and I stayed up late last night and found out where we were going next! :) I will let you know at the end of the post! ;)

I also have STILL been doing well on my Project365! (just not so good at posting daily)
By no means is this a good picture. This is me trying to practice taking a shot at night! 
 I know it is not well composed at all, or anything. HOWEVER. It was pretty fun practicing, I had to set my camera on the window sill... And even though, the thing was around my neck, I freaking was having a panic attack!!

In other news... Today! I got my boots in the mail! :) First pair of boots... That are smancy! :) Yaya!

Aren't they cute?! Heheh. :) 

OKay, okay, okay... I'll tell ya where I am going... 

GERMANY!!! I totally did a happy dance in my undies this morning! :)

Also, another little update. :)
I've finally made a Facebook Fan Page! I have conveniently added a facebook "like box" on my right side bar! Check it out! :)

Do you think having a Facebook Fan Page is good for your blog? Do you think it is stupid?

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  1. How exciting! I'm a bit jealous - I've always wanted to go to Germany! :)

    As for the Facebook page - I haven't created one yet as I was wondering the exact same things.

  2. I just read that you are in Korea. Wonderful! My husband and I met while the both of us were stationed there 20 years ago. I hope you are staying sane and safe . . . found you on the blogfrog military community!

  3. Boots are my favorite ever! You better be careful because your one pair of boots might just turn into 6 pairs of boots overnight! :]

  4. Holy crap! Germany? That rocks!! Oh, and I love the boots. Big love for those.

  5. I'm so jealous!! We want to go to Germany so bad! Congratulations! There are going to be so many picture taking opportunities.

  6. What part and when are you going? Hubs and I are planning for a trip to Germany this summer to visit some friends!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I look at the exif data on the photo files to get my settings ;)

    I am loving the new boots :)

  8. At this point I would prefer Germany than Alaska..
    We got on assignment but no decision on location posted yet.. So it's looking like Alaska.. Boo... But YAY for you..

  9. Hey Adrienne I just started a 365 Blog as well for 2011 ( 365ofnyc.blogspot.com )I love your picutres and am looking forward to following your blog :)

  10. I'm loving the new boots! And congrats on Germany--you're going to have so many awesome adventures! (And I'm only a tiny bit jealous) :)

  11. Yay! Congrats on Germany! I LOVE it there--maybe we'll go back someday (Hubby's dad was stationed there so we spent 3 summers there together)


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