Alphabet inspired Photo Challenge :)

So, I found this idea to do a photo challenge on some blog, somewhere, around the web. I am sure it is not unheard of... But, I think it will be a fun thing to do! :) 
So today, I will start of with, you guessed it... A :)
*** I did not take this photo ***

 Alrighty, well... You know what is perfect?? The fact that my name starts with, YOU GUESSED it... Ha, you're such a loyal reader! ;) 
The letter A. 

 So this is me! :) I'm Adrienne, if you're new here... Please head on over to my About Me page to learn the ins and outs of me! Of course! 

Anyway, so this is my Cannon Rebel T1i, I just got this in Sept. 2010, right before the husband and I got married. :) It has been a loyal friend over here in Korea. I get to take lots of fun pictures with it. I am so super happy that I was able to save up my tip money from working at The Barlow Trail Roadhouse, to buy this bad boy! He's a gorgeous little guy with tons of power. My favorite thing about him is that he comes with a rechargeable battery. I love that. :) haha. Yeah I am totally easily pleased! 

I have always loved taking pictures, and even in high school, I took three years of photography classes. I learned a little bit there, but now, on a digital camera... I feel like I have to learn all over again. So far... I have just been using most of the 'auto' choices... I know, I know... I am slowly learning! 

I picked up a few Digital Photography books from the library the other day 
  • Digital Photography; An Introduction by Tom Ang
  • Using Your Digital Camera by George Schaub
  • Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style by Alain Briot
  • Digital Travel Photography by Dan Heller
The Army libraries, especially over here in Korea, are pretty limited. But, I flipped through a few pages in each book and decided I should try and read more about digital photography. I am definitely not doing so well on the actual READING part of this... but, slowly am learning more and more. I am more of a 'hands on' type of learner... So reading to learn is hard for me. But there are lots of pictures, so it keeps me entertained. 

Now, editing.
I am WAY too poor for Photoshop (okay not really... but I just cannot justify spending that much on a program... maybe later in life), nor do I really know how to use it... I know, I know... I could probably learn really easy, or take a class. But, my Cannon came with a few programs and I found my husband showed me a FREE, yes FREE, photo editing program that is comparable to Photoshop, GIMP. I love it. It is MUCH like photo shop, yes there are different images for the same tasks, HOWEVER... it is free. And I think it is a good base for people just learning to photo edit. You can download the FREE program GIMP HERE I am telling you, it is fantastic. It is so easy to find YouTube video tutorials on whatever you want to do... That is how I learned how to WaterMark my photos :).

So yeah, this is a little bit about what I have been doing lately. I have been spending a lot of time getting to know my Husband, my camera, and my new favorite program, GIMP. :) hehe. 

Other than that... This little ABC's for Photography challenge... I think is going to be pretty fun. I already know what photo(s). I am going to share with you next!! The only thing I cannot decide is... Should I just do this all... Willy-Nilly, whenever I feel like it, or once a week?? Maybe it would put an interest to my Wednesdays... I don't know. We'll soon find out!



  1. I could have wrote the same blog! I no nothing about taking digital pictures (even took those photo classes in HS with "regular" cameras). I am going to look into the editing program too. Thanks A.D. :) BTW: Do you still go by that? Much love..

  2. I use Gimp too but..well lets be honest I really have no clue what I'm doing. I use Picnik sometimes too. Its one click for lazy people like me haha!

  3. awesome thanks so much..i use picnik i love it they have some awesome stuff but i feel like i have explored that enough i need a new program


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