It takes a Minute to Notice...

 But once you leave the country... It's like, a whole new world... 

I mean, I LOVE IT, I love every minute of it. I love that I get to see new places, I love that I get to learn about my Husband in a new environment. And I LOVE that it is me doing this. I love it. 

I never really thought about it, until I read it over at another MilSpouse's blog, Megan, over at The Evolution of Peacocks... She really put it ever so elegantly. 

Why is it SO hard to keep in contact with friends once you leave? Why is it that, once you go long distance things feel like they are slowly going to fall apart with old friends. This really isn't going on with me too much. I have a few select friends that I KNOW will be wanting to hang out with me when I get back. I KNOW that it will be just like it was when we left. But the other friends, the new friends, the ones that you really want to get to know better. Those are the ones that are going to drift away. Or the REALLY old friends that you are just tired of listening to them bitch and complain, the ones that you have been meaning to get rid of because they are just so infectious, their bad attitudes...

Okay, one more tangent. Speaking of friends that you have just been meaning to get rid of because they're just pits of sorrow... The ones that the only thread of friend ship that is still left is the random once-every-two-months-comments-on-facebook-pictures... let me just say, that is one GREAT thing about getting married... Haha. Really, I honestly do not have to worry about other people, it seems, anymore. I was like, okay, so I have known you since the 7th grade but... Who cares, I am FINALLY deleting you from my life. Never to hear your "woe-is-me" complaints ever again! Wahoo!! 

Anyway, so it is kind of like, a freeing thing, being on the other side of the world! I can start over, or better yet, think really hard about the kinds of people I want in my life. The ones that make me happy, you know, not the ones trying to use me, or the ones that only hang out with me once every other year. The good ones. :)

Anyway, what got me thinking of this was Megan's Post about how people move on, it is so true... 
"You realize that yes, they have gone on living their lives without you. But you have also gone on living your life without them. They still wake up every morning in the same house, in the same town, in the same state. They get into the same car, and drive to the same job, and see the same exact people everyday. You get to wake up in a different country, in a different culture! You get to see things they never will! Everyday is a new adventure for you if you let it be!"
I love her point of view, it is very close to mine! "Everyday is a new adventure if you let it be!".

I don't know if Megan knows it or not... But I totally consider her my new bloggie best friend... And you know what's better? She is only a couple of hours away from me! It is totally conceivable for me to meet her, face to face. Sometime soon! :)
Right, Megan?

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. That is a fact girl.... and it took me moving half way across the world 3 years ago to do the same. =) It's freeing in a way.

  2. It can be so hard when friendships seem to disappear .. the whole out of sight out of mind. But, there are always those that you can pick right back up where you left off. Those are the friendships to really value I've found.

  3. I am so flattered! :) You are def my new blog BFF. Hahaha. And we will most definitely meet up face to face soon. I might even bring you some Cold Stone!


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