Adventures in South Korea

 Husband had the 12th off from work, so we decided to go on an adventure!! :) We went up to a Fortress in Suwan. :) It was gorgeous! It was huge, and GORGEOUS! haha. Here are some pictures!!
This was the entrance, well, the entrance we chose to take to go into the Fortress.
This was a little outside area of the fortress... It was gorgeous. :)
A view of Suwan from a little hole :)
Suwan was gorgeous from the highest point of the fortress!
Hwaseong Fortress was gorgeous!! Husband and I are definitely going to have to go there again. It was so huge that we could only do about half of it!!! My legs were killing me... I estimate that Husband and I walked about 10+ miles that day!! 


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  1. so gorgeous!!!!!
    p.s. loving the new watermark. trying to figure out gimp this week. getting frustrated.

  2. those pictures are sick girl!thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow!! Those pictures are amazing! I may have to get my husband to reconsider an accompanied tour to Korea.

  4. this looks breath taking! I am a little jealous :)

    p.s. I am a new follower!

  5. Holy crap! What an awesome experience!!!

    Thanks for participating in the RoundUp! :)

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