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This is part of a letter that I wrote to my Fiance Dan. LOL. I just thought it would be slightly entertaining to read. The restaurant where I work in is supposedly haunted. :) Haha. So go ahead and read about my craziness. lol

So our restaurant is haunted... lol. When I worked there before a TV flew off of it's stand... and the TV stand is stable, we didn't have an earthquake or anything, and the stand is like 4.5-5 ft tall, and the TV didn't even break or anything and works perfectly fine... and the owners always told me that the bells would ding (for the doors) when everything was all locked down and stuff. They also said that they have seen glasses float, fly, and break and stuff. lol. They have even had some ghost hunter people come in and figure some things out and they said it was certified haunted. lol.

So anyway, I was going potty in the bar side bathroom when I first clocked on and I got this really funny feeling in my tummy, like my anxiety started going up and up and my heart started to race for no reason. And then the towel dispenser tried to dispense a towel without motion underneath. And when I was washing my hands I felt like something was looking at me through the crack of the door of the other bathroom stall. So I had decided that I wasn't going to use that side's restroom for the rest of the night.

Right when we were closing things down I remembered that I needed to grab some ketchups from the store room. And I didn't know where the light switch was... lol. And so I ran in there and grabbed the ketchups in the pitch black. I was soooo scared, cause I had to reach kinda far into the shelf thing (cause the shelf is like 2.5 ft deep) and *shivers* i was all paranoid!

So I didn't use the bar restrooms until right when I clocked off, I had to go potty real bad, and the dining room side bathroom was all shut down, lights off etc. So I went to the bar restroom, I walked in and the lights didn't go on like usual, they're motion censored! So I had Rick check it out, and it looked like someone turned them off, which is weird, because... why would anyone do that?? So, we turned them back on to auto and they turned on. So while I was sitting on the toilet the freaking lights turned off (they're supposed to stay on for 15 minutes!) so I stomped my feet and it took a second or two for the lights to turn back on. Freaky, I decided I would wash my hands when I got home LOL.

Man, and then Rick decided that he wanted to tell me the story about when the ghost hunter people called. They have these machines that turn something into sound and they asked the names of the ghost(s) and they heard Jean, (M)ike and something else!! They also think that there is possibly the ghost of a cowboy and a miner. Wow. Can you believe it?? lol, I know you don't, but I have always enjoyed supernatural stuffs!! Anyhoot I was just all paranoid and anxious today at work because of it. lol. I kept imagining in my head seeing what I would think to be a ghost. I have no idea how I would react if such thing would happen!! LOL. Probably cry or turn white or something weird. I have no idea what I would do unless they like... made me have this sort of calming sensation. That would be nice, I guess to just let you know that everything is alright and they're not the scary ghosties. If I knew they weren't scary ghosties then... maybe I would pour them a drink or something!! LOL. Free of charge, of course! I can make them, un-scary-drunk-ghosties. I think that sounds good. 


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  1. Wow that is wild!!! Especially the TV flying off the shelf! I need to write a post about my ghostie experiences, but there are so many that I'd probably hafta break it up into a few. lol. Do you watch those ghost hunter shows? I love Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, but weird stuff happens in my house after watching it. I think *my* ghosts think they're being taunted by the guys on the show! lol.


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