I really do think that my dreams have been answered! And even fulfilled! I don't mean to brag too much but, this guy here... D, pretty much one of the greatest guys to ever walk the planet. I don't know if you guys want to hear it... (if you are reading this on Facebook and have talked to me recently... you have probably already heard it quite a few times!) But I am going to tell you the story of how D and I met. I have been completely head over heels for this guy for the last few months... let me just tell you the story... I wish he was here to help with it! (He is a MUCH better story teller than I am!)

I met D once in December, he was on leave in between his basic training for the Army and going to AIT for his job training. I met him through my friend Jeff haha, Jeff... We went out to a bar, met up with D and his younger brother Jimmy... Now I was dating someone at the time and I think D was too, or had just got out of a relationship or something... Details are not necessary there. The four of us just hung out and had a good time. I felt thankful that Jeff brought me out with him, as he was just in town for a short time too. This bar time was pretty funny, as there was a midget there and lots of karaoke going on. Of COURSE I DID NOT sing... Jeff and Jimmy sang... D kept me company in silence as we just gave each other awkward looks as his brother and our mutual friend, even though they sound good... D and I were pretty sure they were just making fools of themselves! haha. D and I didn't talk that much that night and I didn't think anything of it, but I felt drawn to this man. He was a big show off, doing push ups and all...  It was awfully cute. After that night D and I had no contact until after the boyfriend at the time and I broke up. 

I found D and his brother Jimmy on Facebook and decided to befriend them. I soon came to comment on all their status updates and got to learn more and more about D, what he was doing, and what his job was in the Army. It wasn't long until he invited me to his Welcome Home BBQ! I of course said "Yes!", even though I didn't really know him or his brother, or anyone else who was going to be there. I didn't care, I felt like this was a new opportunity to meet some new people, eat some free food, and maybe make a few new friends.

So I tried to be prepared, he gave me the address to his brother's house so I could Mapquest it. I didn't even forget the directions at home or anything. So off I went I left an hour early even though the Mapquest directions said that it would only take about fourteen and a half minutes! You see, I have never been to that part of town before, and I didn't want to get lost. So here we got tromping along... I get into town there and I am looking for 87th street... and guess what??? I didn't find it. I had to call a friend to look in a map book and try to get me to the right spot! That ALSO didn't work out! Hahah. I didn't call D because I was embarrassed  that I got lost... so an hour later... I stopped at 7-11 and gave D a call... 
"I'm lost", I said embarrassed.
"Where are you?" He asked.
"I'll run over there and get you, you're really close!"
...2 minutes later... There he is, running almost meeting me at my pick up. I was thinking to myself... Wow, he actually ran over here! Haha. I was pretty surprised. But he was there awfully quickly!
He hopped into my truck, which was embarrassing for me... There was quite a pile of garbage in it! I was also pretty embarrassed because my blinker lights didn't work and well... my truck makes quite a few funny noises... 

We got to the party and there was a little left over for me, I was an hour late, its okay. But I got to meet a bunch of people, I was a little thrown aback when I noticed that there weren't ANY other females there... I wasn't sure what to think of this! Something along the lines of SAUSAGE FEST was going through my head... and also, WHAT did I get myself into?? Thankfully I learned that they were all really great guys and there was one who immediately tried making me feel comfortable, Rai, while D was making his rounds, and people were welcoming him home.

When the party started dying down, D and I took to the balcony and got to know each other, soon we realized that it was one in the morning and that I had to work the next day! Those apartments are infested with some pretty scary looking individuals so D walked me back to my truck. On our short walk back we talked about my plans for spring break:
"What are you doing for your spring break?" D inquired.
"Probably a whole lot of nothing, but I would really like to go to the beach. I absolutely love the beach!" 
"Well... You're a cute girl, why don't you ask some guy to take you to the beach?"
*This is where I paused for a moment... turned to him and asked... "Do you want to take me to the beach?" (part two of this story)
"How does Wednesday or Thursday sound?"
And then we kept walking to my truck. 
In our good byes we gave each other a hug and let each other know that we really enjoyed the others company. And then all of a sudden... He KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK! I was a little thrown back by this, I did not expect something like that from this 6'3'' manly man man guy! WHOA! I am sure my eyes were wide and there was a confused look on my face... I might have even giggled a bit! 

I got in my truck, and I left. I made sure to text him again later to let him know that I REALLY enjoyed hanging out with him and couldn't wait for the beach!



  1. this was a very cute story, i love it! can't wait to read part II

    PS, your bangs are cute :)


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