Hey all, I am back, RELUCTANTLY, from Ireland. Man, that place was amazing, for the both of us! We loved it there! I'll have to do a full blown post about it, of course (it will be LONG). But anyway, I am back, rejuvenated, and inspired in my art! I even put up a brand new customizable cute and whimsical watercolor piece in my shop! Check it out here!

Now onto weekly wishes. It is gonna be a good one this week because I am still trying (since Wednesday) to get back into regular life! It's so difficult after a fantastic vacation!

A few weeks ago I shared these weekly wishes with you:

    1. HAVE FUN! - Sometimes I have lots of issues with expectations being too high... So, I am going to try and keep my expectations at a managable level, especially since we are going to be using the AirBnB method for sleeping! --- Let me tell you! We had a TOOOON of fun and my expectations were not through the roof! And they didn't get smashed by anything. I had a great time and we did so many awesome things! AirBnB was great for us, and totally not even weird! It was great, and affordable. If you have been thinking about AirBnB and haven't done it yet, just do it, it's not bad at all! 
    2. Take lots of photos! - Because, Duh. --- Right, who was I thinking I was talking to? Me of course! Done and done! 
    3. Draw on location! - Yep. I need to do it. Not many people can say that they've traveled to Ireland and DREW! Hahaha. --- I did it! I have drawn things in Ireland ON LOCATION! It was really amazing. I am so glad that I pushed for that, and husband made sure that I was able to draw when I wanted! It was fantastic. I can admit that I slacked off a bit towards the end, and realize I didn't draw as much as I wanted to but, I don't think we can stay away from Ireland for too long! It's calling!

    And now, this week.
    1. GET BACK INTO MY ROUTINE. You know, I am not even sure what *my routine* is. But, I know I am not in it and I feel like I should be! 
    2. DRAW. I have some more great ideas for the shop and I can't wait to share them with you and put them up in the shop! 
    3. BLOG ABOUT IRELAND. Because, Duh! 
    4. FOLLOW THE ORDERS OF MY PHYSICAL THERAPIST. Yup, I had my first appointment the day after I got back from Ireland, and I have an appointment today. SIIIGH. 

    I think that's enough for this week. I feel a bit overwhelmed with it, but I know I will get it done! :) So, until next time, maybe a post about Ireland, and a post about my newest product in my shop! Sounds like a good time to me! 

    The Nectar Collective

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