Hello my Weekly Wishes friends! I hope your goals last week were met to the best of your ability! My week was pretty good, I think!

LAST WEEK:1) Draw two somethings this week. 
Totally successful and I kicked this goal's butt!! I drew way more than two things and even did an Urban Sketch! I am so proud of myself! 

2) Run 3x this week.I am doing SO good with my running! I am so proud of myself. If you'd like to keep up with me and my running (maybe you run or exercise too with these apps??), you can find me on Nike+, Endomondo, and Fitocracy.
3) Get back to drinking more water again.

I have not done fantastic at this goal like I wanted to. But I have been trying to at least drink a BIG thing of water before breakfast and coffee. 4) Blog at least once more this week.I totally did this too! Check them out! Homemade Chocolatey Lärabar bites, Paint Party Friday, and I even blogged on my Urban Sketchers blog about my BioWitt Urban Sketch
5) Make homemade "Lärabars".Totally did this, and they were awesome!

THIS WEEK:It is really hard to think of some goals this week!
1) Keep drawing! Draw at least 3 somethings!
2) Make a color chart how-to.

3) This is not a great wish, but, I hope to keep running. 
The doc told me that I  "Probably shouldn't continue" until I go to the physical therapist... BUT... I am feeling super emotional about not being able to run. Oh yes, I realize I haven't told you all... but, I started running again, and about a week or two ago, my knees started hurting, so I made a doc appointment... Anyway. I really feel like, I should rely on what my body tells me, and it tells me to keep going. The pain has subsided by A LOT, like, there's not much pain at all, really. So... We'll see.

5) Blog about meal planning.Since starting Paleo, husband and I have realized that it is freaking expensive!! And we thought "eating healthy" in the first place was expensive... Try cutting out cheap fillers like grains and rice! omg. So, I have started meal planning. We are successfully onto our 3rd week, and it seems to be going well. I feel like I might have somewhat of a unique system so I would like to share that with you. 

I hope you decide to join in with this link up. I have found it really motivating and helpful for me to actually work on and complete goals! It really helps to voice your goals to the public!

The Nectar Collective

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