Somewhere To SketchSomewhere to Sketch is a new-er blog dedicated to sketching places through Google Maps Street View! I really think that this is such a fun idea! Unfortunately it doesn't count as an "urban sketch" since you're not actually ON location. BUT, it's the thought that counts for me! This is such a great idea. We get to visit other countries and cities and sketch! 

Right now over at Somewhere to Sketch they are sketching in Israel. I had never even really thought of Israel as someplace I wanted to visit, but taking a look at it through Google Street View, that kind of changed my mind. I think it would be interesting to go.

I was trolling around in Jerusalem and found the coast, so while going up and down, I found this building:

It just looked so different from everything else in Israel, and I just had to sketch it. So, now, head on over to Somewhere to Sketch to check out how I sketch up this great building

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