It's been quite some time, but I need motivation and inspiration, the best place for that is Paint Party Friday. I have been terrible at participating in any link ups for a while now. But, I wasn't really blogging too terribly much either. But, now, I have things to talk about! Working on being Paleo, exercising, and trying to keep my art in habit still. Oh goodness.

Earlier this week I blogged with the goal, Weekly Wishes, of drawing at least two something's this week. And I have done it! Well, I've actually done 3 somethings this week!! :) I hope to keep it up! So without further adu.

I got a travel set of 12 Lukas Watercolor Paints, they were on sale for 9.95 euro! An incredible deal!, and so I had to create a color chart! I really think color charts are the absolute best way to gain confidence in your medium of choice! I am thinking about doing a tutorial... Or... maybe not a tutorial, but something to further explain how my color chart works. We'll see. 

The other day I decided to try and make some Homemade "Lärabars", and by a happy accident, I turned them into little bites. They are fantastic!

This right here is a telltale sign that I have been working hard creating with my Noodler's Ahab Flex fountain pen! I always accidentally put my middle finger onto the nib rather than on the handle... Hahah. Do you have any telltale signs that you've been creating?

And yesterday I decided to continue on with the Everyday Matters challenge topics. #24 is "Draw a piece of fruit". I finally decided to paint an apple. You know, apples are like the go-to topic for any and every artist to tackle (if you have ever taken an art class, you know what I'm talkin' about! haha).

I have purposely avoided it ever since I was in college at MHCC  (this was somewhere between 2006-2009) because one of my art teacher made me do so many apples that I pretty much never wanted to see one again. The assignment was to do depictions of sayings with apple in it (ie "You're the apple of my eye", "apple pie", etc.) and I think we had to figure out and draw 24 of them. And there had to be the apple coloration on it... In colored pencil... It was a pain in my ass. Watercolor is way more fun than colored pencil, and takes less time!! Haha.

I am surprised and quite pleased with the way that it turned out. Gala apples are so pretty! I might just do another! Haha.

I hope you've had a creative week! :) 

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