Ah yes, I am a day late on linking up, but I loved linking up last week so I must again, link up! And, with great surprise when I headed over to Paint Party Friday this wee was that I was featured! WOW! :) I don't think I've been featured, ever! Haha. I know, it was at random, but it still was really amazing to see my art over on someone else's blog! And a blog that gets that many hits! Such an amazing feeling that so many people saw MY artwork!

This week I have really been focusing on work with the Somewhere to Sketch group. I have been having way too much fun going on Google Street View, exploring Israel, and drawing whatever tempts me!

Not all of these drawings have been posted on Somewhere to Sketch yet, so you are getting a bit of a preview! :) I have been so inspired by participating in Somewhere to Sketch that I wish everyone who sees this tries it at least once! Even if you do not want to post to Somewhere to Sketch then at the very least, go on Google Street View, pick somewhere you've always wanted to go, "wander" around, and draw! It's so freeing!

I am linking up with Paint Party Friday because the people who join in are amazing and totally inspiring. You will most definitely feel the urge to draw and paint more if you join in with this great link up! 

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