Welcome to another Weekly Wishes! As always it is hosted over at The Nectar Collective! Since today is the second day of Paleo for me, I decided to use carrots as my photo because they're delicious and nutritious! Then I used the Rhonna Designs App for everything else. 

Anyway, I am loving this link up! It is motivating and helps me stick to my goals. You should totally join in if you need help feeling accountable for some sort of goal you want to accomplish!

1) I told myself I was going to start running on a regular basis again. M-W-F.  I totally rocked this challenge for myself! I found some random person to be a running partner with! She's great and I think we're going to be great running friends! She is more experienced than myself, so she is a great influence! 
2) Start trying to eat Paleo while also slowly diminishing the non-paleo food in the house.  
This actually went very well. I could have gone 100% but you know, I had to finish the ice cream in the fridge. And then, on Saturday, husband made me (yes, made me) eat a bunch of really super fattycake mashed potatoes... *hangs head*. BUT! Yesterday marked day 1 of 100% paleo! Read more below! 

3) Walk at least a half mile every time I take Koodge out.   I actually did this! I think there was ONE time where I didn't walk at least a half mile, and that was because we were in a rush to leave, and I didn't have time. I will try to make time to do it, even if we have plans and are in a rush.
4) Get back to daily drawing.  I did not succeed with this goal. I feel like I have to focus on my eating and exercise. HOWEVER, I really don't want to ONLY focus on those things! I want the inspiration and motivation to draw. So, it will be a goal for this week again. 
5) Drink more water.  I did pretty darn great at this challenge to myself. I have been using the Argus App to keep track of my water intake (among other things!). Here is what my intake looked like last week (to the left). My goal was at least 7 glasses a day. I didn't reach 100% success BUT!! I did awesome! 
6) Continue to fight through smoking urges.   My non-smoking is still going just fine. I still wish I was a smoker at times, because... I dunno. I like it. But, I haven't smoked for over a month now. I find it to be pretty easy not to think about any more. So, I don't really think this needs to be another goal. I won't smoke. I've told myself I wouldn't. 


1) Paleo 100%. 
Yup. It's that time. Monday (yesterday) marked day 1 for the 6 week Paleo challenge that I joined. It is 100% Paleo from here on out! So far so good!

2) Continue running 3x a week, with one of those runs a group run.
While I did succeed with this goal last week, it is not yet a habit. I must continue! I also did join in with a C25k and Beyond group, they have group runs 5x a week. I do not always get the car but when I do, I will try to join in on the runs.
3) Continue to make walking Koodge at least a half mile every time we go for a potty, a habit. 
I want this to be a habit for Koodge and I. Luckily, husband and I ordered some super nice wind/rain jackets and I think that will help... Since yuck weather is coming! I also think getting a baseball cap would help too (and it would help for running too, I think!).
4) Draw something this week. 
I was doing so well for so long - drawing drawing drawing - but, I have not drawn a thing since husband came home from WLC. No urge whatsoever. But, I think if I draw ONE thing, anything, I will probably be able to delve into easier.
5) Blog at least one other time besides Weekly Wishes. 
I have been lacking on the blog front, and I don't like that. I do have things to blog about, especially my Paleo Ice Cream fiasco... Well, it wasn't a fiasco but it didn't turn out well. I will probably be talking about food and health a little more around here.

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