I know, I haven't been one to hop on the linky bandwagon in quite a while. What can I say? It just hasn't been a priority. BUT, I have found Weekly Wishes to be uplifting and worthy of my participation. At least once! I am going to need some help with my new lifestyle change. 

Well, apparently, the point is to share with you a few things that I hope happens, or to accomplish, or something.

1) I told myself I was going to start running on a regular basis again. M-W-F. It's Monday, can I get it done before the day is over? Sure........ I even bought some new runner pantssss!
2) Start trying to eat Paleo while also slowly diminishing the non-paleo food in the house.  That's right folks, I am hopping on the healthy Paleo bandwagon... I know a lot of you are knew, but I just confessed to Recommit to being Fit. And that photo... Don't judge my looks based on that! lol. (Ps. I started a food diary over on Tumblr, just for fun.)
3) Walk on half mile every time I take Koodge out. Rain, wind and... any other Autumn crappy weather that rolls around.
4) Get back to daily drawing. Now that I had 4.5 days solid of husband time (he was away for a whole month), I need to readjust to this husband schedule.
5) Drink more water. I have definitely noticed that if I chug 2-3 8oz glasses of water straight away in the morning I definitely drink more water throughout the day.
6) Continue to fight through smoking urges. 
I think these goals are totally manageable. If I want to get healthy, I need to eat right, drink water, and exercise. If I can quit smoking (23 days 16 hours 11 minutes since my last cigarette, thank you Quitit App!) I am pretty sure I can do pretty much anything. 

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