Pardon the ... photo. We just got done running!
The Family all sporting Suicide Awareness/Prevention T-Shirts.
Koodge is wearing mine from last year.
Last year's Suicide
Prevention/Awareness Photo.
Today, I recommitted to fitness by joining in on a ~2 mile fun run promoting Suicide Awareness and Prevention in US Army members (I did this run last year). It was a really great run, I can hardly believe that I could actually run still! Especially since... I ran like, twice this year and had knee pain - then - I just plain stopped fitness altogether. Even eating well, that kind of went downhill too! Ugh. Sometimes it just happens that someone drops off the bandwagon.

Since I've quit smoking (officially 3 weeks!), I have gained over 12 pounds. Yes, I have been baking and eating, and ... eating all of my baked goods. I realize and knew that was not the way to go, but it kept me busy and kept the cigarette cravings at bay. The cravings were so bd that I was crying! CRYING. How pathetic? Anyway. I have made it to 21 days. Pretty good, I think. Isn't it 21 days to make or break a habit, or something?

So here are my plans.

I have signed up to join a CrossFit/Paleo fitness/weight loss challenge. I have also signed up to join in on a running group. That's right. I did things.

Unfortunately the CrossFit/Paleo challenge is going to be a do-it-on-your-own type deal where we're going to have certain check-in dates for weigh ins and stuff. BUT, the local CrossFit Gym Box (I guess they don't call them 'gyms' they call them 'boxes'). Is going to give the participants a free class! I am very excited about that! It will just be nice to have some sort of... accountability.

Now, back to running. I did the C25K program last year, and it was a blast. I am going to step it up this time. 10K. That's right. 10 freaking K, that's Kilometers, 10,000 kilometers... WOWzers. It will be awesome. I am excited about this running group because there are going to be group runs daily. This will also create some sort of  accountability for me, and hopefully keep on track.

Another accountability tool? Telling you all. 

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