With my second Urban Sketching get together coming up on Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the supplies I bring with me, and maybe some more ideas of things you could bring with you if you were interested in sketching on location.

Though, I am a beginner Urban Sketcher I already have some things that I wouldn't leave the house without! The absolute best way to begin sketching on location is to BRING your stuff with you wherever you go! Tuck it in your purse or bring a special tote along with you to carry your sketching supplies. This is of the utmost importance if you're wanting to be an on-location sketcher. It is also important if you want to build your skills. Bring your sketchbook with you wherever you go so that when you have 5 unfilled minutes to spare you can practice!

Without further adue here are the items I no longer leave the house without.

Most important thing, is the sketchbook. You could always use a napkin, or receipt but, it's just so much nicer to have a sketchbook along with you. Typically I only bring the one with the yellow binding. But if I am planning a longer sketching day I will bring more than one. For instance, I really love the kraft sketchbook. I like to have some options, even if I don't use them both during the day, it's nice to have options. But don't bring too many options that your bag is too heavy! Haha

While you really only NEED like, a pencil, to do any kind of sketching, I again, like to have my options. I bring my Microns along with me wherever I go. They're waterproof and go perfect when I want to do some watercolor on top of my sketch. Sometimes I will use a pencil first, but I am trying to build my pen and line confidence. So I wont always use a pencil first. I also bring a white gel pen, this is for high lights when I use my watercolors. And erasers, obviously. 

The following items are totally optional, but this is just what I love bringing along with me. 

I bought myself some Koh-i-noor watercolors, and they're perfect for travel! They screw together and are compact! They're so perfect for on-location sketching! If you're wanting to add some color to your sketches these I really recommend. However, if you're not ready, or aren't into watercolor, bring pastels, colored pencils, or anything that suits your fancy! 

Water brushes are perfect for travel watercoloring! They contain water inside, you give them a squeeze and they put the water into the brush tip. So amazing. I usually also carry along with me a water bottle, JUST IN CASE I run out of water in my brushes. These are Pentel Aquash brushes, they're reasonably priced and amazing! haha. :) 

Paper towels are essential for watercoloring (in my opinion) especially for getting the color out of the water brush. 

So, a recap. You absolutely do not need all of these things to do some urban or on-location sketching HOWEVER they do absolutely help! You could always grab some printing paper and a plain ol' bic pen. It doesn't matter what you use! Just have fun with it! 

  • sketchbook
  • writing utensil(s)
    • pens
    • pencil
    • erasers
  • watercolors
  • water brushes (paint brushes) 
  • paper towels

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