I am very happy to say that I am THAT much closer to opening my Etsy shop! I have 4 prints (10 prints of each) ready to be up in my shop. I originally had 5, but apparently had a miscommunication with my printer guy and they were printed on 8x11, not 8x10 and I can't seem to cut them down. SO... I must take those back and get them on the right size. The ONLY thing holding me back at the moment is setting up my Pay Pal account. I had to request a new debit card to come to me, so I am waiting on that.

Sorry it's been so long, well, I am and I am not sorry all at the same time. I have just been plain busy and blogging has not been on my radar! I have been spending a ton of time just drawing. I've barely even used my laptop since I've been home from Finland, which is practically a miracle.

Finland was pretty great though, I got to see my family and catch up with these little monsters:

Lumi, the big sister, she's almost 3 I think! She thinks I'm neat.
The Twins, Nuupu and Nuuttii.
Guys, I actually changed some diapers. Two of them. Thank goodness they were just pee. But I did it, and that too, my friends, is a miracle. 

So, I have been home for well over a week now, and I am definitely happy to be home. I am really surprised that I haven't really been wanting to use my laptop. I just can't get over it. The only reason why I am using it now is because it's much easier to type up a blog post on my laptop than it is on my iPhone. I just haven't had the urge to be on the computer. Oh yeah, I still check the iPhone, but the laptop, nah. Lol. Such an odd and really great feeling though.

Today I was meandering over my stats of my blog and it said that I had over 1,300 page views for TODAY. I was like *jaw drop* what!? And apparently they were all from China... I have no idea what this means. Or why all these Chinese people want to see my blog... Or... I am definitely confused. I have never had over 400 page views for one day... I feel like this is a mistake. haha. We'll see, I guess...

Anyway, I am just craving to be off this laptop at the moment, so I am going to have to come back  MUCH SOONER and let you all in on some of the art that I have been doing!

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