Hey everyone! I know it's been a little while. Here I am. I have just been drawing and watching Hell's Kitchen mostly. I have a couple of blog post ideas rolling around in my head. But I wanted to update you, and let you know I was still alive. HI! I'm alive. 

ICAD#23 A building located in Herrieden, Germany. I took this last year in December. It was interesting trying to paint the dark wood in the roof area.. But I really like the way that it turned out. 

By the way, Germany's Amazon is BAD ASS. Like, I ordered two water brushes and they both came by the end of the 2nd day after ordering. I wish they had more art supplies on there!

ICAD#24 - A few days ago I booked my tickets to head back to Finland again! I must visit my Finnish family before our possible move out of Europe in April (SAD FRIGGIN' FACE). I am pretty excited and I hope to do some Urban Sketching whilst I am there. 

I definitely had to do some art journaling about it! I used a photo online to outline the country, and then another reference photo of the cathedral thingie. I think it's a cathedral... I cannot remember. Anyway. It's in my art journal. 

Journaling: Today June 30 - We booked my tickets to Finland! I am so stinkin' excited that I get to go and visit my Finnish family at least one more time before we are forced to leave Europe in April. I am a bit nervous that I am going alone. But my Fin Fam feel so much like close family that I know it must just be my nerves. I am also pretty worried about my Koodge-pup being all home-alone all day while I'm in Finland and husband is at work. Husband says he's not worreid. -- I plan to bring my sketching supplies so hopefully I will get some good stuff drawn while I am there. I am so happy and lucky to know them! I feel so darn thankful! 

Anyway, as I said, I have some blog posts brewing around my head. We'll see if I get the motivation to actually post them! Until then friends! 

PS. I posted some more art on my Urban Sketching Blog. This new blog that I've made will be solely featuring my Urban Sketching (basically sketches done from life items and on location). By the way, managing two blogs is kind of hard, so I would totally appreciate you heading on over there and following with your favorite reader. I will not be posting my Urband Sketchings on this blog. 

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