These last couple of days have been somewhat productive on the art front.

Really disappointed in the weather lately, it was way too warm last week, and now it's too cold!! Let me tell you, 80+ degrees F down to 60 or so degree F is a really big jump!! And I have been cold all week! haha. I had plans to go down to the Orangarie with the dog, sit in the grass under the trees and draw. But ALAS, I must search for a great place witch cover from the wind and rain. I am a big weenie when it comes to weather, and so is my dog. 

However, I have been trying hard to get stuff to draw from life, and I have also been drawing from photos as well. Especially for my ICADs, they've mostly been from photos, because I love drawing the buildings that I have visited. Trying to keep it to my own photos as well. 

I had a lot of fun drawing this one because when we visited Bamberg, and came across this building I thought about my mom and how much she would like it. So when I was drawing it the whole experience came flooding back into my memory. It was nice to have those good things come to mind when drawing. I tried to keep the background light and airy because the house really reminded me of a barbie house or something. It was so cute, light pink with blue shutters. I want one. 

This one was done from a photo that I took last year in Dinkelsb├╝hl, Germany. Dinkelsb├╝hl is one of our favorite towns around the area, we have been a few times!

I am not terribly happy with how that one turned out. I wish I would have really painted it instead of splotchy painting it. I might re-draw it, but don't hold your breath. I also was experimenting and practicing some cross hatching. 

Drawing something from life is something I am really working on. Not that I want to make an exact replica at all, because that's what cameras are for! But I am working on my illustrative style. This was the first painting in a little while (it feels like a while anyway) that wasn't in my sketchbook or on a 3x5 notecard! hahaha. I just felt like this needed to be of a bigger size. So here it is in 9x12. :) I picked this poppy outside today. Man they wilt so quickly. It was droopy almost before I finished sketching it down! Goodness! 

Bonus: My dog is silly and decided that the coffee table was his place of relaxation for the evening.

Sometimes, I just don't understand this guy. He's got an amazing sleeper 5000 to sleep on, and he is welcome on the couch. Hahah. Weirdo. 

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