Happy Father's day everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Husband and I took a day road trip yesterday to Bamberg, Germany! Husband has been begging to go there for the 2+ years we have been there. It's a great city that was spared during the Nazi Bombing BS and so much of it is in original standing. Which is pretty great! 

The day before yesterday we spent time researching things to do in Bamberg. Husband has already been interested in the many Breweries that they have located there so he was pretty set in his ways (this is WHY he wanted to go to Bamberg!). We found that on the Bamberg website there was a self guided beer tour around to the breweries, which you buy at the tourist information center. It cost 22euro came with a backpack, sweet beer mug, coasters, and 5 beer vouchers to use at participating breweries. The backpack actually seems to be of decent quality and we really felt like 22euro was a great price for this!

So our first stop was the Tourist Info Center, to buy the self guided beer tour, and to get a map of the area. Maps are always a good thing. I really recommend always going to the tourist center of any town that you visit! A lot of the time they will also have a great list of hotel's, activities, souvenirs and they'll know when the coolest things are happening! 

Right when we walked out of the Info Center, I saw a little store. I had to walk in! It was an aaaaarrrtttt store!! (Art store) OMG. Yay! So I definitely went in there and I found some really great Sketchbooks to buy!! They're not so fabulous for watercolors so I had to skip pages when I was drawing in them. (stay tuned, post to come with the drawings that I did while in Bamberg.)

We spent most of the time walking around the town searching for the breweries. I loved seeing all the buildings in town. Apparently Bamberg was one of the cities that was spared the bombing during the wars. I am happy about that because seeing all these old buildings is amazing. They're like, OLD. Way older than anything back home in Portland, Oregon! For real. And I love that some of the buildings are bulging, crooked, and caddy wompus, it brings so much character to the city! 

One of my favorite parts was seeing Bamberg's "Little Venice". These houses were so gorgeous sitting along side the river. There were all so different, and it was so cute to see their little yards. I hope that the people who lived there didn't feel all... exposed because I was busy taking photos of them! Haha. 

While Bamberg is only an hour away, we definitely made it into a solid day trip! While visiting our last brewery, we suddenly realized that it was nearly 10pm! Holy crap. It was still light outside and we had no clue. Time sure does fly when you're having fun, right?! 

Have you taken a day trip lately? Maybe you need to visit a city that's close by! 

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