Yesterday Husband and I took a day trip to Bamberg, Germany. Husband wanted to drink beer. Me? I wanted to draw. And, I wanted to practice drawing in public so we had a perfect opportunity to accomplish both things that we wanted to do! 

Before we headed out I took a few minutes to check out my new Koh-i-noor watercolor paints and see what my new palette looked like. They were so smooth to put down! And super great for traveling! 

So I put together a sketching/painting kit to travel with. I was so excited to use my Moomin bag I got in Finland - it's the perfect size! I brought my Koh-i-noor watercolor paints, the paints I bought a few years ago in Korea, 0.3, 0.5, and 0.7 copic multiliners, mechanical pencil with eraser, water-brush, ruler, paper towels, and my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. It seems like a lot when I list it out like this but it seemed like a perfect amount to take with me.

When we arrived in Bamberg the first store I saw I just had to go in. There really aren't many art supply stores in my area, so I am always excited. I bought the above sketchbook (Vang A5 Sketch color 100g - I think it's a German brand, not sure) and a larger one, and a kraft paper one. I was too excited to see some new materials. I really like this sketchbook even though it's not meant for watercolors because it lays really flat when opened, looks handmade (even though, I don't think it is), and the binding is super cool. 

Left page: Road trip to Bamberg June 15, 2013. Ambräusianum - Even though the beer was light in color, husband said it was hoppier than most German beers he's tried. Right page: Schlenkerla - Dan got the 22euro beer trail tour. It came with a backpack, mug, coasters, and 5 beer vouchers. This was our second stop and he loved this beer.     I really wanted some coffee while we were here but they only served beer... :/     Dan went to the brewery museum and I sat and had a cappuccino with Koodge. They made a special seat for me 'cause they were about to close.

So, whilst my husband was drinking his beers, I was drawing and painting. Man, it was really great to be doing this. I felt like husband and I both got to do the things that we wanted to do and neither of us felt like we were putting the other off or annoying the other with the activity that we wanted to do. 

Left page: At the Fässla Brewery. We had to go up to a window to order. We went to the "outside" area and it was still really smokey. Dan got a Läger beer and said it was so-so.      Right page: On the way over to our last brewery stop we went to a cafe. Dan had a beer and I had a cappuccino. I drew the church across the street. Located in Wunderburg.
This was our last stop on our self propelled beer tour. Dan wasn't so happy with the beer - he said it was nothing to write home about. We had dinner here and of course I had a cappuccino as well. Gotta fuel the DD! :) Overall, it was a super fun day and relaxed! Both of us did what we wanted to do and Koodge's new harness was a life saver! 
Sketching in public really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought there was going to be all kinds of people looking over my shoulder trying to be all interested in whatever I was doing. It was really nice that no one really cared. I probably could have drawn some people if I was feeling so adventurous... Maybe someday soon.

There were two times where people showed some interest in whatever I was doing. While we were at the Schlenkerla Brewery there was an old man sitting at our table, and he kept craning his neck to see what was up. So I just showed him (I think he was a little embarrassed that I noticed him being interested) and he said it was nice. And then the second time was at our last stop, the book was open so that it would have the time to dry. The waitress came up to give me the check and she just commented that it was very nice. So it wasn't really too terribly awkward at all. 

I am proud of myself for taking out my sketchbook and going forth with something I have been wanting to do for so long. Ginny, my creative coach and friend, and I have been talking about it during our chats - my step one was to just have the book out and on the table while I was out and about having coffee and whatnot (which I did on Thursday when husband and I went out to eat). And then yesterday, actually drawing in it! My goodness. It was such a great experience! 

I absolutely cannot wait to do some more! 

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