I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with ICAD and Everyday Matters (EDM) - but I am going to Keep on Keepin' On and trying my very best! Even if my ICADs are something silly like this I am STILL creating, learning, and experimenting! That's the point! 

Today I opened up my newest set of watercolors - they're Art Advantage brand and so far, I REALLY like them! Much better than my experience with the gouache! So I did a reference page (basically putting down all the colors on paper so that I can reference them when creating) and I still REALLY love the color Prussian blue. So, I had the inspiration to put it down on my ICAD today. Then I did the hand lettering with acrylics. :) 

I think I will definitely try out some more hand lettering. It should be fun! 

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