ART: INDEX CARD A DAY #19, 20, 21

Happy Tuesday to all of you! How was your weekend? I went out and sketched some on Sunday ALL by myself, be sure to check it out the blog post and drawings here

I did that one from looking at a photo I took in Dinkelsbühl, Germany last year, I think in December. I am not sure how I feel about it. A lot of people were loving my buildings that I have been doing on my ICADs so I have been doing a lot of experimenting.

I really am loving the random colored backgrounds. Sometimes the background colors come from some other art challenge like, Summer of Color. However, most of the time, I pick out the photo of a building I want to draw (preferably my own photos) and I really think about this place that I went to, and I try to imagine the color that fits with this place. Yellow-y orange really fit with Dinkelsbühl, well, at least this building in particular... It probably was because this building was yellow. BUT, I also find that Dinkelsbühl is really an uplifting happy place for me, so yellow fits. 

Yesterday while taking the dog for a poo, I spotted some flowers, I picked a few different kinds. This poppy (?) was one of them. It was really interesting and fun to draw this floppy flower. I tried out some cross hatching for some depth. I think this is one that I might make prints of to put up in my (future) etsy shop! 

I signed up for a free class on Skillshare yesterday. The first step was to create a list of 20 things that you felt defined your day. Man, it was hard coming up with 20 things - for real. I don't really do a WHOLE lot during the day... My routine is pretty much the same every day. So, I added lame things like... The dishes. 

Bonus! Here's your puppy fix. This was his face after a kiss attacked him. Hahah. Not 100% sure what he's thinking... Hopefully the thoughts aren't too terrible... Hahaha. 

Doesn't he look kind of embarrassed? Silly boy. 

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