ART: ICAD #11 / EDM #19 / SOC #1

I know, I know!!  ALL those acronyms! But, my title wouldn't fit on one line if I wrote out "Index Card a Day #11", "Everyday Matters #19" AAAAAND "Summer of Color #1"! So bare with me! haha. And look at that... I DID participate in SOC this go 'round! I couldn't NOT participate. The colors this week were citron green and turquoise, who could say no to that??

I also did this challenge for ICAD. I am so glad that I finally did the SOC challenge, because I came up with some great ideas for some paintings! I feel so awesome right now! I don't think I have ever really just CAME up with something while doing something! I guess there really is something to be said about being creative every day!

I am really liking this diamond in the background thing. I am definitely going to explore it some more!

EDM #19 Draw something you've made. 
So, I am not too terribly happy with this painting. I am not sure why... Maybe I wasn't working on it with my all 100% creative self... Or maybe it was because I was painting something that was already creatively created? This is of an embroidered piece that I did back in, 2011, I think... I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it, or how to exactly PAINT stitching. So... this is what happened. lol. Ah well. Live and learn. 

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