Look at all this wonderful goodness to be had here at the beautiful Elf Shoppe, these lovely works are by Julia Yap of Malaysia. Unfortunately I couldn't find Julia anywhere else on the interwebs so her Etsy Shop will just have to do. 

I love these simple and beautiful works of art that Julia puts out! I am particularly fond of the silverware and the deers with antlers. I think they're all great though. So simple yet filled with beauty. Be sure to check out Julia's shop, The Elf Shoppe. She's currently got a sale going on, buy any two of the same sized prints and get another free! Awesome!

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Note: Unfortunately, due to lacking participants, Small Business Tuesdays will no longer be a link up starting next week. However as far as I know, Chelsea and I will continue to show off some amazing small businesses that we love! 

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