So, yesterday I told you about how I got my new Gouache (I was kindly emailed yesterday by someone telling me how to pronounce it! Apparently it's like G-wash?? Haha) watercolor paints in the mail. I finally gave them a try:

EDM #5 Draw your bed. 
Don't judge me, life is too short to make your bed. Still no pencil on my EDM Challenges (check out the list here). I am feeling pretty good about it. The bed had so many details... SO MANY. I was getting pretty impatient there with all the folds in the blankets. And Koodge looks FAT. Too much like a little puppy sausage... - I am pretty happy with the loose drawing style I achieved with this though.

So... They're called WATERCOLOR Gouache. So ... I was using them like watercolors. Maybe I got a very poor set... I don't know. I am going to try them out without water because even though I let them dry out a bit... They were crumbly and just... gross. Yep, that's how I felt about them. They weren't bright and smooth and fun like Tracey's paintings. I was crushed. Hahaha. -- But I guess that means I just have to keep playing with them. I ended up clearing off my palette - it looked so gross when they dried... I can't stand an ugly palette. So I will be using them wet I think. I don't know... We'll see - It's a good thing the ICAD challenge is starting today. So I will *maybe* work with them today. MAYBE. 

Since I was unhappy with my Gouache... So I thought I'd share an old painting that I did in early 2011, there is no date but from what I can tell I was playing with Watercolored Pencils and this was done from a photo I took of Mt. Hood and Trillium Lake. :)

What do you do when you buy art supplies that you don't like?

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