The other day I was telling you about all the art challenges that I was excited about. Today begins the Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenges hosted over on Daisy Yellow blog. 

As you all know, I am also doing the EDM Challenge - today, they didn't happen to overlap. I really felt like I wanted to draw this door from our Road Trip to Austria (PS. I am working on PT.2 of our Austria Road Trip!). Sometimes I do know that these two challenges will overlap and I am pretty happy about that. I don't want to pressure myself too much with these challenges - I think that at least one piece done each day is really good for me. I feel super creative and I just want to draw all day. 

So, ICAD - I thought it would be interesting to show you my process today and kind of talk about these Gouache paints some more.

Sketchy sketch sketch. I am still only letting myself use pen. I really think this is a great challenge to give myself because I have heard that I don't always have "meaningful" marks. So, this way... I am really thinking about my drawing and figuring out what I need to draw first to get it down without overlaps etc. Yesterday, I watched this video by Danny Gregory about how to break down complex objects and it really helped me think about my drawings. I really recommend everyone to watch it! 

I have to say, I am really happy with this ICAD challenge - I am so happy to be experimenting on something does doesn't mean as much to me as my "spendy" watercolor paper. It gave me another chance (willingly) to give these Gouache watercolors another chance. I kind of told you about it in my post yesterday - about how unhappy I was with them.

This time, as you can see in the upper right photo there, I decided to try these out as ... more liquidy, instead of letting them dry out. And instead of really putting the water into the paints and mixing them before putting the down - I just laid down the color and then used some water to spread it out.

I would say for these so far... They don't really work well with water. I am just not happy with how they spread. It's kind of gross. I would say that in the future I am going to have to treat them like acrylics I think. 

Overall, I am happy with the outcome. I really like my drawing and the colors that came out. But, I am just unhappy with the process. These gouache paints just really didn't make it fun for me. And they were... thick, even with water. It was weird, I am not sure what to think of it. 

However, I think this was a great process to try out on my ICAD challenge. I really would like to paint this door again on a bigger scale than 3x5 inches! haha. It's a very beautiful door and I would love to get in some more detail. 
I am feeling pretty gung-ho about this challenge, and helpful hints on how to keep myself motivated if it so happens I feel not so determined to keep up?

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