EDM #4 Draw your mug.
Oh this mug is one of my favorites. I purchased it in Helsinki last year when there was no Starbucks to buy Starbucks mugs from. I am very happy with this mug and it is absolutely my favorite mug to have tea in!

I don't know if any of you are familiar with it, but a few days ago I began the Everyday Matters  (EDM) list challenge. You can see the list of prompts here, and then the rest of my EDMs here. - I've stepped it up for myself and told myself that I am not allowed to erase! So, I haven't been using pencil at all for any of these challenges. It is really helping me to put down meaningful lines and build my confidence. I am having so much fun with it. 

Yesterday, even though I had already received my money back from Amazon... *cough* Because the order took FOREVER. Like, over a month. My Gouache (how do you pronounce that, anyway??) watercolor paints came in the mail. They are definitely student grade (I can tell from the price) but they claimed to be permanent colors. So, we will see how they work. Maybe I made a mistake buy putting them into my palette as they look way different all dried up in there than my regular tubed watercolors do... But we will see how it goes. They are Savoir Faire brand, from what I can gather... And I just purchased them from Amazon. Here's a link if you're interested:  FRENCH SCHOOL GOUACHE SET

So I put them all out and painted them to see what they looked like... Honestly, I am not too terribly impressed. Like I said, maybe it was a mistake for me to put them in my palette... I dunno. They're... Eh compared to my cheapy not-gouache watercolors... We'll see, I guess I wither have to get them dried out all the way - they're not really sticking in my palette. I dunno. I am a little disappointed. We'll see, I guess I just will have to really paint with them to see how they are.

Have you ever used Gouache Watercolors before? Do you know of any good resources to better learn how to use them?

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