Hello everyone! You've probably noticed it being a tiny bit quite around here since Tuesday. 1) my bad. And 2) it's because we were planning our weekend vacation! 

Yup! We're taking a road trip down into Austria! We're spending two nights and three days just exploring. It's really the best way to travel. 


We're staying in these:

Anyway, we were kind of blindsided with the 4 day weekend coming up starting today! Husband told me that we were going SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE. And well, I picked Austria! It's a close drive (6 hours to Vienna from here!)! I also might meet up with Natalie from Vanillery Garden! Hopefully! 

Anyway, so we tracked out our basic path --
Thank you Google Maps.
Since we only have a short time left here, less than a year... (hopefully that changes because we're putting in for a year extension next week), we're trying to travel as much as we can. We've done a few bigger travels like FinlandGreece, Italy, Paris, and a few hours in Scotland. But there's really so much more to see that is here in Europe and one more year just wont cut it! We still want to do Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway... The list is pretty long. So, we're taking our weekends! 

ALSO. I made a board on Pinterest for our trip, things that I think would be cool to see! You can check it out here! I can't wait to tell you guys all about our experience in Austria! :) I hope you all have a lovely Memorial day!  

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