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stay sweet
i am a dweeby twenty-something year old, living in the midwest. i am extremely lucky to spend most of my time drawing and painting. i love exploring abandoned buildings, antique shopping, and iced coffee. 
my art is simple. bright colors, clean lines, and happy themes.

I just found Jesiiii's shop not too long ago. I am in LOVE, and I mean IN LOVE with her super cute old-school tattoo-style artworks. And I love that they're on super cute little wooden rounds. They make my little woodland heart pitter-patter! Do you see those super cute stickers?? Yeah, they're wooden too! I just died a little. Too cute. I wish I could buy all her stuff! Especially the camera and travel themed works! *drool*
You've definitely gotta give Jesiiii a visit! You can find her around the web, 

I hope she gets a blog soon! 

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