So, over the last week, I have been working diligently on developing my Etsy shop banner. *gasp*. It was something that Ginny, my Creative Coach, and I talked about on Monday for our second session (by the way, I blogged about our first session, check it out!).

During our session we talked about what I actually wanted in my etsy shop banner. I mean, I am going with Adrienne Rose Designs. I like my name. But, doesn't that make you feel like there needs to be a rose in there somewhere? Like, a drawing of it or something? I know it does for me. But for some reason, I didn't really want it. Like, I did, but I didn't at the same time. Ginny asked me, "is this holding you back on what you want to get accomplished?" -- "Probably" was my answer.

We also talked about WHY I haven't completed my header yet? My Home Based Business  (HBB)License *should* be approved by the end of the month and I had NOTHING to open my Etsy shop with! Nothing! But I knew that I wanted to get started as SOON AS my HBB was approved! One of the Kaizen-Muse tools that she gave me was "Flipping the Negativity". Turn that negativity around and figure out a positive way you can re-frame this idea!

One of the reasons that I was procrastinating getting my banner completed was because I don't know whether or not my HBB is going to be approved or not. I keep thinking to myself, "Why would I do it now, if there's the possibility that my HBB is going to be denied?". And honestly, this is a hard thing for me to get over. So, my "flipping" is: to try and create ahead of time! No pressure! Sketch out some ideas, and designs ahead of time so that I am not freaking out when the day comes for me to actually open my Etsy Shop! I should do this before my HBB is approved because I like to draw and paint! It doesn't have to be pressured! 

I took some time to contemplate why I was feeling so wishy washy about what I WANTED on my header. I decided that MAYBE just MAYBE I was intimidated by drawing and painting roses. I mean, right? There are so many details, and petals... And... Sometimes when I "try" to paint them... They come out like a blobby mess. I decided that YES this was something that was hindering me from being productive!!

The following day, I looked online, found some drawings of roses that I liked, and I began working. I took the WHOLE day to draw and paint roses. The roses that I liked were somewhat simple and not photo-realistic at all, I really liked the old-school tattoo look. So I went and I copied one directly, and then I worked on developing my own style.

Here is the progression of the entire page that I worked on all day. I kind of started with the two roses, and then finished those up, and worked from there. I did little blobs of colors, not really thinking at the time, and trying to be "loose". And then developed them as they dried.

The bright red on on the right was the one that I copied directly. I cannot remember where I found it... Somewhere on Pinterest. And the one on the left, I just copied the outline, and colored it with my own ideas. From here on, I worked to develop my own "style".

Finally I had made one that I actually liked, and I wanted to make a bigger version of it.

The real thing looks a bit darker, in the dark areas. Not sure what happened here! Haha. But, I really like it. I am still debating about adding some white areas along the leaves to bring in more "3D-ness" to it. I kind of want to do this, because I think this could be an interesting element in my blog header (to sort of, in the future - bring the Etsy Shop banner and blog header together).

I see this is getting to be quite the long post. So, I will continue with my Etsy Shop Banner process in another post, tomorrow! :)

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