The other Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a free concert. Drowning Pool, this may not be your "music" but it sure as hell is mine! Man, o, man, from the time they started their first song, to the time the stopped at their last... I was jumping. Up and down, and fist pumping, of course.

I just have to give a huge shout out to the USO for making this amazing event possible! The USO makes a lot of things happen for military members and their families, I am thankful for each and every one. Do you know what the USO is?

Here's a little blurb from their website:
Our Mission: The USO lifts the spirits of America’s troops and their families.
Millions of times each year at hundreds of locations around the world, the USO lifts the spirits of America’s troops and their families.  A nonprofit, congressionally chartered, private organization, the USO relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations to support its activities. The USO is not part of the U.S. government, but is recognized by the Department of Defense, Congress and President of the United States, who serves as Honorary Chairman of the USO. 

As you can see, the USO is pretty great. They really uplift the moral, for both soldiers and family members (yeah, we have moral too!!). I urge you to go take a look at their website, to see the real amazing impact of what they do. Maybe... just  maybe do a little donating -- if that's your thing! :)

But seriously, guys. This concert was like, a little dream of mine come true! I saw them back in the day, when I was dating so-and-so, and yeah, it was awesome then. But this time, it was different. I was married, a military family member, and APPRECIATIVE. I think that was the biggest part that made this concert one of THE BEST that I have been to!

When they started playing I told husband SEE YA LATER and ran to the very front - like I said - I started jumping. I took a look around, and no. one. else. was moving. No one. It was like, the apocalypse. I was completely astounded. For a moment there, I almost let the peer pressure get to me. But then I said fuck'em (yeah, out loud too),

   Inserting tiny mini story about people being miserable lumps:
During the show there was a couple standing in front of me (yeah, they were at the front-front). They had no smile. They did not once jump. They did not once sing (more like, yell, you know how concerts are). They looked like miserable bumps on a log! Why?? I have no clue. There was a point along during the concert where I just stepped in front of them. That's right. I jumped all the way up to the very front. I wanted the band to see someone like me, happy, appreciative, and rocking the fuck out. Not some miserable lumps! Could you imagine being a performer and seeing something like that? Not something I think would be great to see. I have no idea why these people were there. However, as soon as I got in front of them, my party got even better! 

and continued on my own super awesome jumping party and continued to rock the hell out for one and a half hours, -straight. At the time, I didn't know, but the next week... My calves were like little sausages encased in too tight of casing! I was in so much pain for a. whole. freaking. week+.
It was so worth it! I got to meet the band briefly. I was able to thank them (and hug the lead singer, Jason, even though he asked husband if it was okay... pft. OF COURSE IT'S OKAY! -- And chatted with CJ, he is so sweet) for taking the time to play at our very small base here in Ansbach, Germany, and that they were SOOOO freaking amazing. They all said they saw me rocking out, and that made me happy. I got to tell them how much I appreciated them, and I hope at least that made it worth it to them.

Again, thank you to the USO for giving us these amazing bands, and boosting our moral! I appreciate it so much! Guess what? In July we're getting KORN too! How awesome is that? The USO knows just how to butter MY biscuit! 

Do you have any bands that you would jump along for an hour+ to? Who are they? Have you gone to any concerts lately? Does that boost your moral?

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