I recently posted about some art challenges (click the link to learn more about EDM), and this is one of them. This one is Everyday Matters (EDM), you can view the list of prompts here

Basically, I challenged myself to draw something at least once a day. The original challenge is once a week. However, I believe the more you create the more creative you are. I also stepped up the challenge and told myself NO ERASING. Which essentially means - No Pencil. OH MY GOODNESS. Haha. Been doing great so far. 

Yesterday I said that I was going to go out of order if I wanted to! Because I was feeling rebellious. Then... I really looked at the list and if I just draw according to the numbers that will be good for me. Less deciding on what to draw. - I am such a pansy. 

#2 Draw a desk lamp

#3 Draw a bag, purse, or wallet.

I am pretty excited for #4 which is to draw your mug or cup! Hehe. 

Have you ever done a Daily Art Challenge?
Did it help you? How did it make you feel?

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