We live in Bavaria, Germany... It is so central in Europe - It's PERFECT for road tripping! After being here for 2 years... We've only road tripped into one country - Czech. And it was... eh. Haha.

So last week, we spent all week researching things we'd love to do in Austria! Which basically means I went on Pinterest and developed my own board of things that I thought would be cool to see! I posted about my Radio Silence the day before we left on our trip! 

First thing we did (besides looking up things to see) was to find out our plan of attack. Which way are we going to drive? Do we have to get a window sticker (also known as a vignette) to drive on the roads in Austria? Are the driving laws different than here in Germany? -- Yes, on Window Sticker (about 9euro), and yes there is only really one difference the highest speed limit in Austria is 130kmph. Unlike Germany where if there's not posting - it's free game. It was kind of refreshing knowing there was a max speed limit.

So, we found a super cool "hotel" to stay in. Let's just call it "Glorified Camping". I found these quite some time ago, but never really realized where they were... Or ... WHAT they were. 

You can find more information about their little "tube hotel" at located in Ottensheim - there is also one in Germany too. It seemed pretty cool. It was perfect for Koodge! It overlooked a really really big and pretty park. They didn't want him in the bed, but honestly, there wasn't anywhere else for him. So we brought spare blankets for him to lay on. The website said that there was a café on the park grounds, along with toilets and showers.

When we got there we checked out the grounds. Koodge was super excited to be there. So much grass. We saw that the café was closed and... There were no showers?? If there was, they were locked. There was one shower, but it was one of those... public ones where you gotta wear a swim suit! You know what I mean? That was a little bit disappointing. I was really upset at first. Husband tried to make me feel better about it. I kept asking if I made a poor choice at choosing this place to stay. For "glorified camping", it was pretty great! The toilets did flush! So there were some bright sides! But then, it started raining. The tube had this little window - it leaked. :( I was so scared when I woke up with my blanket wet! I thought Koodge peed, but I knew he didn't and then I was asking myself if I peed... Haha. I didn't do it either.  - The worst part was having to go pee in the dark at like 4am. Haha. I took Koodge with me because I was scared.

The first day we arrived, we got our stuff in the tube, and then headed out to Linz to get something to eat. And, buy a hair brush because I thought I didn't pack one - I did... So I spent 5euro on a stupid hair brush when I didn't need it! Haha. Ah well. Husband was pretty understanding about it! He's a good guy. 

In Linz I didn't take too many photos. I was in a weird mood, kind of disappointed because of the hotel and it was raining raining raining. We were walking around for what felt like hours before we found somewhere to eat, or so we thought. We stopped in because in their window they were advertising spargel (asparagus) lasagne! Sounded AMAZING. However, since we arrived into town so late... they were no longer serving hot dishes there. So we asked the server and she recommended somewhere very expensive. Haha. And nothing sounded awesome. So we kept walking around.

We found a random place called Keinzel Wirsthaus Bar - im Alten Rathaus. It was a really old place - we saw the prices - but did it anyway. We were desperate! Oh, and it was worth it! I had the most AMAAAAZING blueberry strudel! *drool* We spent way too much money there (45 euro). That was the most we spent on food. But it was worth it! So good! If you're ever in Linz, you gotta eat there. This was when I first realized that the Austrians were so willing to speak English with us. I mean, we try very hard to speak Deutsche (German), but sometimes I get all... accckkk not understanding and I'm like "es tut mier leid! Spreche sie Englisch?" (I'm sorry, do you speak English?). And I was happy to find that he was like "OF COURSE!". Haha, much different than here in Germany.

The next day, we headed out to Vienna - not showered! Our first stop was the HundertWasser haus. Husband surprised me with this because I had mentioned that it seemed really cool. So he made it the first stop! Such a sweet hubband! Luckily we found a parking spot RIGHT there! And it was FREE! There's pretty much no free parking around our place in Germany, except on Sundays, and after 6pm haha, so that was a great thing for Vienna! 

In Vienna, we just really walked around a lot. My biggest mission was to find the Starbucks to get my Austria Starbucks mug. Unfortunately they didn't have any Vienna ones (not sure what is going on with that, but it seems that a lot of the city mugs are going discontinued, I think because there is a new style trying to come out). 

I took photos of all the buildings that I loved, I thought that it would be super fun to try and draw them up once I got back home to my art supplies! - I don't really travel for the museums or anything - I kind of find them boring. But I do travel for the buildings / architecture and FOOD. OMG. Food. So I think that makes me a unique traveler. I just walked around Vienna in awe of their gorgeous buildings (though, they're not too different from those here in Germany).

I didn't really feel like I was outside of Germany, they all spoke Deutsche, so it felt the same to me. I found that the Austrians were super friendly! I would definitely go back! 

The photos below of the huge Cathedral in the center of Vienna, I really really really loved the decorative roof! It was so gorgeous! 

The biggest thing I really wanted to do was find the Kleines Café! I found it somewhere online and just died! Klein means small in German, and I was like EEEEEE. I had to go there. It was so cute, and tiny. It was just perfect. It also seemed less like a tourist thing and more of like a local thing, even though it's posted on all those tourist websites. I really enjoyed it there.

We definitely had a lot of fun in Ottensheim, Linz, and Vienna. I would totally go again! It was kind of hard in these touristy places with Koodge, he really enjoys pulling on the leash. But whenever we went inside to eat or grab some coffee they were really okay with Koodge being there. Some people commented on his size, but... really he's only 60 lbs and only comes up to my knees. Not too big, so I just laughed with them. Whatever.

Our next stop was Salzburg. But, I had so much fun in Salzburg that it deserves it's own post! (I took TOO many photos there!).

Have you ever gone on a road trip? How do you figure out the sights that you want to see? 

Check out Part 2 of this Road Trip! 

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